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1. hi how’s it going guys?

Going great. Thanks for hitting us up!

2. Can you please tell us, the band biography, how does the formation and about the lineup?

I started Three Sixes as a side project in 1999 while I was looking for a new band to sing for. I did the first song “Possession” as something that could occupy my time and keep my chops up until I found something else to join. My producer at the time that I did it with suggested I should do more tunes after the initial song “Possession” was finished, so together, we did. I came up with the ideas for the tunes and he filled in the blanks. Next thing you know, “Possession” went from just one song to an EP that would be released on Halloween of 1999. While I was stoked about how it came out, it was really nothing short of something that I did completely for myself. At that time, I really didn’t think anyone would even like it, but I did and thought it was cool, so I did it on my own anyway. I would find out later that people did  like it, a lot. From this, live shows were requested, so I had to put together a lineup to do so. The members changed several times over during the process, but in the end, I found the other players to make this happen and we played some great shows. Finally, it got to the point that Kill (guitar) and I didn’t want to play live anymore until we wrote and released a new record. We thought it would take a year, maybe two to do so, but things happened to all of us and it took a lot longer than we expected. So here we are much later than we ever thought was possible, but at least we have a record which all of us are proud of and for the most part, has been well received. As for the formation, I met Kill through a musicians wanted ad about ten years ago and has been solid since then. Next was Konnyaku who I had known long before Three Sixes was formed. He initially stepped in to replace our drummer at the time who just bailed after we had a few shows already booked and stuck around since that point. He played and recorded three songs on the self titled disc, as well as all of the drums on the new “Know God, No Peace” record and crushed it. After that, we met Marko (producer/programmer) through our bass player at the time, Whiskey, to do our programming and run sound for us live. While doing our live shows, Marko said he wanted to produce our next record and did. During the process of writing the new disc, our bass player Whiskey left the band for reasons outside of music that he had to tend to and was replaced by Johnny. We were introduced to Johnny by my longtime friend, Nick Griffo who did all of our videos. Johnny joined the band and played the bass lines after the rest of the music was written and recorded.

3. About the cd that you guys sent to me the Know God No Peace, can you please tell us about that album, the lyrical contents, the artwork and everything?

At first, I came up with the name for just the title of the record. Then I ran it by Kill and Marko who both thought that it just shouldn’t be the name of the record, but also an epic, enormous tune. Both agreed, it had to be big and over the top. At that point, Kill had a ton of ideas for the song and a well laid out game plan for it, musically. He literally just took the ball and ran with it from that point. We spent a lot of time over many beers going over the arrangements and once we had a foundation, ran it across Marko and Konnyaku who pitched their ideas as well. After we agreed on it, I wrote the lyrics and Marko programmed the samples and the title song was born. During the process of writing it and talking about it constantly with Kill and Marko, I started to have a few ideas about the artwork. Whiskey introduced me to Jack (Van Gossen) who did (and still does) a lot of custom airbrushing on custom cars, etc to do the artwork. I gave him some of the basic ideas I had and he came up with something that initially, I thought was totally lame, with a naked female as the centerpiece. I thought it was cheesy and wanted it removed until he gave me the reason behind his thinking. After he told me “Whether the female figure is an angel or demon is really irrelevant – there is no difference in this context, as she represents the deception and seduction of power disguised as religion.” I was hooked. I went from thinking it was stupid, to thinking it was brilliant. I then started exchanging ideas with Jack on everything that had been done “in the name of god’ with the location of the atrocities located on the left (West) to represent America and the right (East) to represent Europe, regardless of time and as if it all happened at once. I’m still really proud of it, seeing everything from the most recent 911 in America to the Christians being fed to the lions in Europe and everything in between….all In the name of faith, religion and “god”. In my opinion, it’s as equally beautiful as it is sickening and truthful. So while Kill and I were working on the music and the artwork was being created, the other songs just started to fall in line with the theory of the title track and in doing so, a full blown concept record was created. We put the finishing touches on it by making press kits that looked like bibles and releasing the disc on the “International Day of Peace” with the continuing constant thread that if religion didn’t exist, more than just one day of peace globally, would be much more likely than it is with the existence of religion and the deaths that are suffered because of the wars from differences in beliefs from it.


4. Three Sixes music is a thrash metal infused with some heavy dose of industrial, techno with hardcore, who’s idea is that to make a unique sound like that and plus I can hear some nu metal style as well

As I mentioned, I started Three Sixes on my own, so the basic ideas of mixing industrial, techno, thrash and even nu metal (as well as death metal, lyrically) for this band initially were mine. However, after I met Kill, my thrash roots really came out a lot more through the music he was writing and I really liked. Through it, we started to grow together, as the lines of who thought what really began to blur with the amount of time we had spent together and the ideas we shared. Because no matter how off the wall an idea was, we were always on the same page and both of us were open to anything, sonically. It’s rare that you can find people to write with like him because his goal is the same as mine- which wasn’t driven by ego,  but to write the best music we are able to. Unlike some I’ve jammed with who’s idea it was to establish themselves as some sort of “Genius” the world would supposedly clamor for, who I’d literally watch become a “rockstar” in their own minds right before leaving (and doing nothing afterward) Kill and I always had the same vision….and humility. So from a writing standpoint, I have always enjoyed creating music with Kill. Adding Marko to the mix was equally as invigorating, as he has much more insight and depth into the industrial side that I really dig, but which Kill and I lack. Like Kill, Marko is also really open to different ideas as well and is extremely creative, which allowed the industrial side of Three Sixes to evolve into something I always wanted it to be.

5. Who are the major influences of the band.

I don’t even know where to start. If I had to (and in no particular order)  I’d say Black Sabbath, Slayer, Ministry, Pantera, Machine Head, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Zombie, Stuck Mojo, Strapping Young Lad, Soulfly, Agnostic Front, D.R.I and Fear Factory to name a few including many more which I can’t think of right now, also including various movie soundtracks. Musically, I consider Three Sixes to be a collection of sonic whores. Similar to bands like Soulfly or Strapping Young Lad, we’ll take any sounds from anywhere and use it if we like it. Other than Metal, we’re really not dedicated to a particular source or genre. This has been displayed throughout the history of the band, of which all of us take great pride in.

6. Are you guys an AC/DC fan, you guys have a great cover of their song called Thunderstruck.

Thanks! While all of us are AC/DC fans, the idea for that one came from our producer, Marko. He loved the song and thought we should do it. He programmed the beats in his vision of an Industrial version that he had not heard anywhere else. Marko then presented the idea to Kill and me and we agreed that we thought it would be cool, so we did it. At first, I thought it was weird, as I was thinking  something more like “Back in Black” or “Hells Bells” but after we heard what Marko had already done, we were down and did it.

7. Do you guys have plan to make a new album. If yes and what will be the listeners will expect to that?

It’s funny you say that, because it took forever to make this one that is still so new and we have not even played live yet to support it. That said, I do have an idea for what could possibly be another record which could be conceptual as well, but I won’t go into it now. That will need to be a discussion for all of us to decide. For all I know, the idea I have could be killed when the subject comes up when we’re all in the same room at the same room at once, as everything we do is decided collectively. Time will tell. As for right now, we’re really focusing on supporting “Know God, No Peace”.

8. How was the band promotion locally and overseas? Do you guys promote much?

I’m rooted firmly in the underground, so as far as promotion goes, we do it wherever possible and as much as we can. While the reactions to the new disc have been good in the U.S., they seem to be doing much better outside of it. We’re aware that the time it took to make the new record was a lot longer than expected and it seems we are in a “rebuild” effort of sorts because of it, but it is what it is. The underground is what gave Three Sixes its initial birth/success and we look at it as the reason we will have the strength to not just become, but far surpass what we did previously. While our budget may be limited, our effort is not. We’re always looking for places to spread the word to and truly thank those both inside and outside of America who have embraced us as they have.

9. Do you guys tour much, if so which one is the best and why?

We’ve done some small stints but nothing I’d say as anything groundbreaking. We haven’t as much as we’ve like to in the past, but we look forward to changing that soon with the release of this new disc. Keep an eye out for us!

10. Any killer songlists do you play during gigs?

As far as we’re concerned, every list we play is killer or we wouldn’t be out there doing it. We‘d changed them frequently depending on who we were playing with or the venue itself. The new record will also give us that much more variety. That way, our dedicated crowds won’t get bored with us doing the same thing and don’t see the same show every time, giving them a reason to keep coming back because they won’t know what’s next, while also keeping us enthused about what we are doing.  Like the varieties of genres we pull from while writing the tunes, our live set lists are set up the same way.


11. Are you guys into anti christian or anti politics, what are you thoughts about those?

Generally speaking for all of us and  validating it from the artwork, lyrics and name of the new disc, we’re Atheists…..and speaking for myself, an Antitheist. Needless to say by the thoughts I expressed lyrically throughout the record, from a religious standpoint, I find the opinions of Christopher Hitchens impossible to argue. I agree with him that religion is a detriment to society, for all of the reasons he has reasonably stated in his epic book “god Is Not Great, How Religion Poisons Everything”. That said, being raised Catholic increased my opinion after reading his book. I despise the religion I was raised by equally as much as I do Christianity, which by American standards, appear to be the generic “McDonald’s” of faith that the ignorant masses unquestionably consume in volumes. I disassociated myself from politics many years ago when I used to take the time to research ballots and listen to debates over issues I felt were relevant. After voting for several which at the time were controversial and passed, but were overturned for various reasons, I then realized that my vote didn’t mean anything and neither did the time I invested to form the opinion I had. While there is no other country I would rather live in, the truth is just that. The popular vote means nothing. Ask Al Gore.


12. Do you guys believe in satanism and satan existence?

None of us do. As mentioned previously and generally speaking collectively, we could collectively be considered Atheists. So to believe in Satan would be to believe in god. Since neither exists, we don’t believe in either. While this is recognized, the name of the band is still relevant to what we are doing. While as an Atheist or Antitheist (however I or we are to be labeled) both are generally considered to be Anti-Christian and Anti-Catholic, which is the source from which the Satanic Bible, as well as Satanism was based upon. So for this reason and despite the origination of the band and what is has evolved into is irrelevant at this point. Regardless if it was started as a “side project, ‘Hollywood Satanic’ band” or a full blown Atheist/Antitheist attack on both Catholicism and Christianity (as well as many others) both support the Anti-Christian and Anti-Catholic ideology of which Anton LaVey based his entire religion on. For these reasons and despite the evolvement of the band lyrically from a metaphoric to realistic a realistic standpoint, our name hasn’t changed….and won’t, regardless of our beliefs in Satan, god or not.


13. Lead Winged Angel track, can you please tell us something about that song, is there something special about that track?

There is definitely something special about this track. Right or wrong, after watching the movie “Monster” and seeing the documentaries of Aileen Wournos, it wasn’t difficult to understand her actions. Her life as a child, teen and early adult were brutal. For these reasons, I could understand why she would commit the murders and is the reason I took her side . To me, her story was as compelling as it was depressing, but her confession as she was being sentenced to death and then “finding god” and “being forgiven” as a “Christian” before she was executed was something I felt lyrically was appropriate to tie into the concept of the forgiveness of murder and “forgiveness” by “god” of which this record is based. Not to mention the musical content which all of us agreed captured the overall general vibe of the band for someone hearing us for the first time, which had the elements of Thrash and Industrial which we wanted to push.


14. In your website I saw some gross photos, and videos, are these thing related to the band, like some fetishes or something hahaha?

Haha! Whenever someone says that they went to our website and looked at “all” of it and doesn’t mention that part of it, I know they are lying! Obviously, you did. In the early days we were looking for any reason to get traffic, which was before all of the crazy sites that exist now that have similar content. We had a collection of some pretty hardcore videos and pics that were sent to me that I saved and decided to put up to get attention- and it worked, as people would hit that page through links people would pass around and check the rest of the site afterward, making the idea valid. Over time and through a few site overhauls, we almost clipped that page but didn’t for the sickos like you who like to see that stuff! No fetishes, just disgust. I’ve got a pretty strong stomach, so if it grossed me out, it had to go on our website. After all this time, people still talk about it. It still makes me laugh.


15. o.k here’s the end of this interview anything you want to add?

Yes. First, thank you for taking the time to learn more about us and thank you to everyone who has read this interview. If you’d like to know more about us, see the material discussed immediately prior to this answer, see our videos, hear our music, read the lyrics and whatever else you can think of, hit us on our website at which has everything going on with us as it happens, live show updates, emailing list and all of our social media links, so follow us on your favorites. Thanks again for the time, Adrian. I look forward to having a beer with you sometime in the near future. HORNS UP!

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