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Cult Mongers: How are u Abdullah? What’s new in Al Iblis Camp?

Abdullah: I’m quite ok, am still busy with my studies. Al Iblis, in the near future, will be facing the same problem we had a few months back. I thought we were over it, but Our 12 year old drummer is set to leave for the UK again this november. So by then, it’ll be ‘under uestionable circumstances’. We’re set to record our second EP this year, we hope to finish it before the kid flies off to Brisbane. Davao Death will probably release it next year.

C.M: Can you pls. give us the brief bio of the band?
A: The band’s former monicker was Schizophreniac. Members were myself and Khalil. Our initial original score ‘Cute little worm’ earned quite a response, that same tune is now ‘Parasitic Enzyme’. Schizophreniac was formed late October, we changed focus, changed the name to Iblis the following month. We were lucky enough to have Limmah as our vocalist/bassist by March of 2002.

C.M: From the guitar riffs, drum playing and the vocals, it is undoubtedly similar to Floridian death metal, but it has your own ingredients like in drums and guitars it has this Middle East style music, what can you say about that?
A: Personally, I’m obsessed with the middle east. I just dont know why that is, the arabic language and music, everytime i hear it being spoken and played, brings out certain feelings of antiquity. I dont have the exact words to put it, I think mezmerized would be the word for it. I got the idea musically off Nile.

C.M: What about the band’s influences, who are they? Who are your guitar godz?
A: Let me list down our main influences: Nile Dying Foetus Sinister Cannibal Corpse Deicide Brutality Mortification

C.M: Hegemony means leadership, ascendancy and domination, in what form(government, religion) you want to establish this Right Hegemony?
A: The title of the album is actually our form of expressing antipathy towards this fucking world order. There is no such thing as righteous hegemony, certain groups who try to establish hegemony are people who need mental prescription for severe psychosis. I dedicate this album to my hero – the blood thirsty Swine – Ariel Sharon.

C.M: What was the tape cover of “Righteous Hegemony” suppose to depict?
A: We had problems with that, we changed the cover now. Certain jewish sympathizing groups have branded us as terrorists, just because we had that for our cassette cover. that cover can be summarized as this: ‘Dominating Power:Death for all through Hegemony’.

C.M: The former name of the band is Iblis then you changed it to Al Iblis, why the changed? And what was Al Iblis means?
A: There is this certain band from Italy with that name, they have quite made their mark on underground BM scene, thus, we changed our name to Al Iblis, to make it even more arabic, or something hehehe… Al Iblis means ‘The Great Satan’ or ‘The Devil’ in arabic.

C.M: Usually Davao Bands records in this recording studio POLYFUSION, did the “Right Hegemony” had been recorded there?
A: Yes. hahahah…we recorded that with a meager budget of 460 pesos. Hirap talaga nitong walang pera hehehe…

C.M: Why did you choose to cover Deicide “Sacrificial Suicide” doe it pertains to suicide bombings in the Middle East or a tripped out song? What about your view Political in Middle East and of course in the Philippines?
A: Its a tripped out song, it has nothing to do with our musical direction so to speak. We also recorded Deicide’s The Truth Above, but we didn’t include it on our material.Fuck the Oppressive state of Israil!!! There isn’t enough time to fully explain this issue though. As for our country? I hope there will come a time when our Politicians would think more on what’s good for their constituents than what’s good for themselves. So much ego tripping tsk tsk tsk…

C.M: Ahwak is a Classical song, who performed the singing there?
A: Ahwak is the artist infact hehehe… I just downloaded that over the web, quite strange that it doesn’t have any title there, it just said ‘Ahwak song’.

C.M: What Pig Speech is all about? Who is David Levy?
A: When translated, what he was ranting there goes something like: ‘…child for child…we will burn the land of Lebanon…’ pretty sick wisted mind acting out there! David Levy is an Israeli bloodthirsty barbarian, just like that bloated pig Sharon.

C.M: it’s a good thing that you had Davao Death there in Davao who supports local bands, what can you say about this organization?
A: hell yeah! I dunno man, but there aren’t any activities lately. I hope they come up with something new.

C.M: In terms of sales and distribution, what’s the status of the band?
.A: its been distributed fairly, there were many who were interested to own their copy, and there were people who were quite alarmed with our song titles, not to mention our image. Sales? hahhaha… no comment.

C.M: Do you think how far did your demo had been distributed?
A: We had demos sent to India, Saudi Arabia [Tripalium], Malaysia [Syukri SEAMetalForce], US [Alex Zepeda], and so on…

C.M: Any letter correspondence from Abroad? What about here in Manila?
A: There were some. I dont usually reply, i dont have much time to do that, and besides, I’m sick and tired of those fucking ripoffs. Its great that Cult Mongers and Tripalium, among others, support us in a way.

C.M: Aside from Davao Death, any Labels from overseas that was interested in your band?
A: Yeah, there’s Sacred Production [Malaysia]- still under negotiation i think, initially Maelstrom666 [Thailand] asked a cd-r for distribution, its only now that the CD is available.

C.M: Ok, when was the first gig did the band played? What’s the crowd reaction?
A: It was way back in March of this year. Initially there were ‘blank’ reactions, but then after the first song, there were people who were there in front of us flashing the sign. We also played in August at Water World, the crowd was quite aggressive! And our last one was at Slackers, September 7. Again, they were impressed, open jaws, specially at the 12 year old drummer!

C.M: When playing live what was the original composition did the band played? Currently do you still play cover, if yes from what bands and song?
A: As usual, songs like Eretz Israil, Rival to an Empire, Al Qassam never miss the line up. For covers, the usual Deicide stuff, we also did a cover of Slayer’s Seasons in the Abyss, and Obituary’s The End Complete.

C.M: Any band there in your town that was worth of your recommendation? And why?
A: Dysentery. They Kick Ass!

C.M: Roel of Tripalium Zine ask about your lyrical content of your songs and you decline, maybe this time you can divulge the Lyrical Content in this Fanzine (he he he -ed)? Ok Abdullah thank you very much for your time and hope someday you can play with us here in Manila?
A: hehehe… I dunno man. 😉 I think you should ask Ibn Rasheed regarding that issue. Hah! I’m more than willing to play there in Manila! Thanks for your time dude!! Keep up the good work!
Hail Cult Mongers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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