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This is only a Partial Interview. You can see the full interview in our print copy don’t be shy to order with us.

1. In your bio. it says that almost a year you don’t have a vocalist.So how’s antipathy now?

Antipathy is running strong. Samgar’s voice is getting more and more powerful each day. We are currently writing new material that will work with his voice more. Our older writing style was more customized for our old singer. Now that our singer is also our bass player, we have to take into consideration where we put vocals.

2. how and when the band formed?
The band originally formed a bunch of years ago in Ossining, NY.Through mutual friends we all came together after getting to know eachother and jamming a couple of times. After years, we changed bass players and singers to wind up where we are now. The last couple of years, we have stabilized and are focusing on getting our material out there and get some tours on the road. I have a really long version of how we got together if you want that.

3.  are you satisfied now w/ the new line-up?
I am very satisfied with our new lineup. We have a stage presence like no other and with Sam as a frontman, we have a whole new look.

4. in samgar’s voice why didn’t he use the true growl of death metal voice?
Not sure what this question really means, but, we try to stay away from the generic death metal sound that has been floating around out there. We take pride in writing and coming up with new and interesting ways to keep things heavy without being repetitive. Most of the growling vocals out there get pretty stale after a while. I like Samgar’s voice because it is heavy as fuck and you can still understand what he is saying.

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