Ataul – Demo 2013

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Laguna, Philippines has been offering quality metal bands for some times now. It spawned Kambing, Ebwa, Effluvium, Negatron, Pathogen, Rabies and now a new Death/Doom Metal group has emerged and they are  Ataul.

Ataul just released “Demo 2013” and  from what i know it has 2 versions: CDR by Dethrone Records(PH) and a Cassette format done by Mandarangan Rex(US).

Ataul’s music were like a human fears that were converted to music. One example are the grief and fear that you will feel when you attend a funeral. Those morbid  consciousness were very well demonstrated on Demo 2013. “An End to Conquer” was my favorite track. Those agonizing slow parts as well as it’s ghastly riffs were killers. The fast tempos and the  guitar solos at the midsection were good too! “The Afterlife” does possess the same qualities but what i liked here was the aggression. Another favorite was “Into Eternal Slumber”, The trance-like intro was amazing and for the rest of the song as well.

Compositions were excellent and looking forward for the new material that this band will offer in the future. Interested individuals/distro/labels  please contact Dethrone records and Mandarangan Rex for your copy!

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