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1. How are you Ruslanas?

All things o.k.! I have many plans at busy at this moment, but im happy because can do something’s for underground!

2. When did the label Atlantida started?

I started with ATLANTIDA about 5 years ago.

3. I believe that you are more concentrated in doing a compilation cd’s, what are your criteria’s to the band to be included your compilation?

I not release compil. only! Some years ago i released ATLANTIDA zine.I have only some copies of #2 and everyone can get for 3$ only!).We work with SILENT REALM webzine now (, im a member of RAVENCLAW band (other member live in Austria) and we play medieval viking metal and first album will be release this summer! But of course i will do
many things for compil.!

4. I believe you are now starting volume 13 and 14, how’s the collection of promo cd does it come daily or monthly, pls. tell us?

I collect bands for vol.15 now! I starting release stuffs immediately when find all bands for compil.! Compil. release each 1-3 month!I think that possible will be release each month in near future!

5. In every release of your compilation cd, how many bands andsongs do you include? What about if the band sent a tape?

Hmm…Each compil. CD from 14 to 20 bands! Total time about 80 minutes! Vol.1-7 released on 90 minutes tapes! And from vol.8 on
CD(CDR)!If bands released tapes-they sent recorded tracks on CDR!

6. Can you pls. tell us the design of your cd ?

All artworks for compil. done by my great friend Mike from Germany!(

7. Had any Asians got in touch with you that want to buy or trade from your stuff? Usually, from what country did orders coming from?

Yes i have some contacts with peoples from asia. But often they wrote 1-2 letters and i don’t get nothing more later! Possible letters lost or something like that. No not much peoples from asia ordered my stuffs. I don’t know why?! I hope that in near future more peoples contact with me! My compil. spreaded to 40-50 countries. Each volume released 800-1000 copies…On vol.1-14 are more than 200 bands! Im happy, because got positive reactions around the world!

8. Aside from this label any projects you are doing right now? I’m sure you have a Job, How do you manage this label and job in terms
of time management?

I forgot mentioned, that i re-released black metal band EMPTY from Spain (8$ or 10 euro)! About job. Yes i worked about 10 years in building company. But i haven’t job now… Of course i use all free time for my activities!

9. Dragon Design did a good job in your cover artwork, who are these guys? Is it your friend or it has been referred to you?

Yes Mike very good friend! He helped a lot for me! I hope that i helped to Mike too…

10. Ok, Ruslanas thank you very much for this interview!! Any band you want to recommend from your label?

At first thanks for questions and support!!! I can’t recommend 1 or 2 bands! Support underground! Many bands need support! Everyone, who’s interesting in my activities-can contact with me!


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