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1.)How are you Hvar and the rest of the Atropos?
Great, thanks. We have a lot of work, both in the band, which makes us feel energised, and in our professional lives, which is not so cool . And you? Heheheheh

2.)How successful is the “silent touch” album? can you consider it as a big success in the band?
Of course it is! In fact, the “Silent Touch” album has never been released solely, so it’s not a success in commercial meaning. But, on the other hand, it’s been our first child, the first full-time LP recorded by ATROPOS. And from this point of view it is a success. Moreover, people really like it, though it was recorded back in 1997. Some like even better than two-years-later “Triafata”, and say it’s still powerful and fresh. So, as I said, it is a success. We appeared in the wider world thanks to “Silent Touch”, people in Poland and abroad could hear about us and listen to us for the first time. I still like “Silent…”. Of course, I would change some things now, I would play it maybe in different way, but – it’s the First-Born Child, so it’ll be perfect to me forever.

3.)Atropos has a female drummer. who decided to include a female drummer and do you think you don’t give a doubt on her skills in drums?
Well, to be honest, we HAD a female drummer. Currently we play in five-person line-up; Godless, guitarist and backing vocalist, Legion, also the guitarist, backing vocalist, who has also shown his talents in keyboards during “Triafata” session, me, Hvar, bass-player and vocalist. The new members are: Schmier, the drummer, and Sproket, on the third guitar. As you can see, we can not be a normal band if we didn’t have a girl on drums, we have three guitars. At least I don’t believe it’s normal ;))))) Back to the story of Atre. We split with her few moths ago. There was no specific decision about playing with her. We just needed a drummer, and we knew the girl. She came to our rehearsal, played and stayed. We knew how she played, and we knew how she can progress with her skills. In fact, 1996, when Atre joined the band, was the time when we used to work with women a lot, and she was no exception. She was the right person for that time, with no regard to her sex. She played with us for over 5 years, making really great progress. Now she left Warsaw, where we all live. She moved to Poznan a year ago. It’s not easy to work on a new material, when you live 300 km from each other. I know, that some other bands do so, but we did not feel comfortable with it. In addition, she drifted in another musical direction than the rest of the band. We decided to split our musical ways. But we still have some contact, we know what she’s doing, she knows about us. I think that I can say that we remain friends.

4.)This questions is for Atre. I was amazed to her because of her skills in drums and also an angelic face. how and when your fascination for metal develop. most specially in playing a drums?
Atre is not able to speak for herself. Let me try instead. When we met Atre, she just moved to Warsaw. She played drums before, in women-only blues/rock band, but she also listened to metal. Mainly it was heavy metal then, some black or death maybe. I remember her lending me the Manowar’s LPs. As I said, her way in the metal music led from heavy metal through other kind to black metal. Now Atre is dedicated to black metal, which she performs with her man, Gog . I am sorry, but I really don’t remember, why she started playing drums. She’s very strong (especially as to the personality, hehehehe), she always wanted to be different from other women. Maybe that could be a reason.

5.)Some of the songs in Triafata album has an operatic voice. whose voice is it. is it came from Atre?
We included female vocals in “Silent Touch” For that time we had worked with two singers, who appeared on the album. But none of them was Atre 😉 They were Marta and Justyna, friends of ours. We never played with them constantly. We had played only one gig with Justyna. They helped us with “Silent Touch” and then we never felt any need to use the female vocals again.

6.)All of your songs contained death and Evil. Does it reflect to the band?
Do they? Hehehehehehehehehe :))))) To be honest, I have never thought of our songs like that. Of course, the lyrics reflect our emotions, sometimes philosophy. The lyrics of “Silent Touch” were written mainly by Marta, a singer, some were created by Legion or by myself. “Silent Touch” mainly reflected our deepest feelings, emotions, were related to certain persons. They are, in my opinion, more painful than deadly or devilish. And as to “Triafata”, the lyrics, as well as the music, were obviously more aggressive, but this was the concept of the album. It was intended to be a powerful answer to the Pain which was crushing us on “Silent…”. These are less emotional, but not without emotions and not without any relation to the persons we (I mean Legion and myself, the only authors of the lyrics on “Triafata”) were involved with. From my personal point of view that period of my life was really astonishing. I felt ruined and fought for life. My lyrics written for “Triafata” expressed that fight. I think I can say the same about Legion – it was not an easy time for him. I can also admit that these lyrics contained lot more of our philosophy. But remember that we don’t think exactly the same. The lyrics express individual feelings and thoughts of the author. As to the reflection to the band, I have to stress that we are not the.. let’s say… ideologically, politically or otherwise declared band. We just play the music. We use the lyrics to adapt throats, voices as another instruments. Of course, they have their meaning, but we do not demand people to listen to them. We do not spread any philosophy. To sum up – the lyrics express only the current author’s emotions. They have never been directly meant to reflect any specific philosophy, to raise any specific issues, as Death or Evil. And we always let listeners or readers to freely interpret them for their own. An as to the music, we play metal, so our art has to be at least slightly devilish ;))))

7.)You have a great experiments in music most specially in “2cd triafata” album. The silent touch has a calm atmosphere and the triafata has an aggressive atmosphere. what can you say about that? How did it came in your mind to make a great experiment like in a “Triafata” album?
“Silent Touch has never been released separately. “Silent Touch” was recorded first, back in 1997. It reflected our emotions, way of feeling music, our inspiration for 1997. Then, in 1999, we’ve recorded “Triafata”. This was more intended music than “Silent Touch”. We wanted to cover the emotions, which fulfilled “Silent…”, with more aggression, power, speed. These were the emotions which we felt in that time and we reflected them in the music. Finally, when Apocalypse Prod. decided to release “Triafata”, we added “Silent Touch” CD to it as kind of bonus. It appeared that the unification of both LPs in one 2CD album was great idea. Now it reflects both sides of our souls and minds – powerful aggression and calm, sometimes painful emotions.

8.) In writing a lyrics or composing a song. how long it will take?
2 minutes up to 2 years, hehehehe :))) It depends on the mood, on the ideas which start all the song…. Currently, we work on our new album. And usually it takes us about a month of two rehearsals a week to complete the song. But we may always come back to them, amend something, or even decide that we stop playing it. In fact, they are never complete. They evolve, even after the session, as it was before. You can see it on the example of “Desire”, recorded on both “Silent Touch” and “Triafata”. The version from “Triafata” resulted from its evolution after “Silent Touch” session, it evolved during rehearsals, concerts… As you can see, or rather hear, our songs live their own lives, apart from us. We create independent monsters? Hehehehe :)))

9.) Anything to add?
I would like to cheer the people of the metal world, especially you, Adrian, and the maniax from Philippines. It would be real pleasure to visit your country and play for you live (but I am aware of the distance….). Apart from our own pleasure taken from the music, we play for you and because of you. Fans make sense to this music, so remain metallic! Adrian, thanks for this interview :)))))

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