Mefitic – Signing the Servants of God (Demo 2009)

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I know it’s a 4 year old release from Italy’s MEFITIC and the responsible label is Drakkar Productions. The demo contains 5 tracks, each song running from 5 to 6 minutes, yes it’s quite long but it will not bore the shit out of you! The trance like atmosphere present here will command you to listen to it in its entirety.

The 1st track “Henosis of void” caught my attention and it’s enough for me to worship the cult of MEFITIC. “Henosis…” has this spine chilling intro, typical but effective and as soon as I heard the first note of the guitar I knew I would love this band. It’s morbid, hypnotizing, and crushing! I also admired the singing here, He’s like a priest giving sermons in a demon possessed voice! The blasting of drums perfectly fits on their music.

I love the slow paced in the songs “Henosis…”, “Diseased ruth “, “Execrebale preceptof ha”, “Sepulcrum Antistitis” are memorable and absolute skull banger!!  The doomed vibe and the female chant at the end of the song “Prayer to lamashtu” is somewhat ritualistic… a prayer song indeed.

There are many bands out there playing this kind of abomination but for me MEFITIC is the selected few who can deliver on Devotional Black Death occult genre!!

Emulsified Flesh – The Art of Suicide

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EF is a Brutal Death Metal band from US and Mike Neste is the creator of this entity.  Just released the second album “The Art of Suicide” last 2012.  It has 12 songs and most of it are gored theme. The production is good. You can hear all the instruments and have a good songs arrangement too! I’m just a bit skeptical in the cover layout of the CD as it is not gore enough!

First song is “Eternal suicide”, the opening riffs are brutal and heavy and has the vocal ranges similar to Glen Benton. The song structure shifting from brutal to groovy to melodic and those multiple tempo changes sets my mood to listen more into “The art of…” Next songs are “Abyss of cataclysm” and “Absolute hate “possessed a straight forward brutality and abundance of slam riffs.  “Dead” and “Bereaved mutilation” both has slow paced intros which I liked and same brutality and slam riffs compare to the previous songs. “In decay” and “Misanthropic carnage” are my favorite songs because it’s melodic! The introductory slow onslaught of “Consuming Vile thought” and “Infected cerebellum (bonus track)” are punishing. “The art of suicide” which is another favorite of mine has a groovy intro but quickly changes to technical brutality. The screaming vocals of Mike was in full attack here!.  The ending of the song has an acoustic part and it sounded good and it really captures the essence of the song title.  The last 2 songs (bonus tracks) “Hack, slaughter, maim, impaled” and “Purgatory suicide” are good tracks also.

This album is a decent effort from Mike, showing his talent and commitment into this Genre. Please visit his website at for more Info.

Wagars – Wagars

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Wagars is from Latvia who plays crust/metal. Their self-titled debut was  released last Feb 2013. All  songs were sung in Latvia and if you’re interested in an English translation just contact the band. Now on to the review.

Track # 1 is a disturbing instrumental song that would  give you an awkward feeling while listening to it.  The intensity starts on Track #2, Heavy pounding of drums and the crunchy bass guitar sounds dominates the introduction, Song structure is fast paced and the drums are relentless.  Riffs are repetitive but I liked the hypnotic feel to it. Ended the song in a slow manner with double bass on the background , crunchy bass sound (much fuller this time) and creepy noise that was coming out of the guitar.  Started Fast at track#3 and again it’s full of energy! It has the similar song structure of the previous songs  and the riffs as well. Track # 4 is one of melodic song on this album.  I was really hooked with those infectious riffs and the punishing bass line in the midsection of the song.  Another weird tune at Track #5. The first half of Track #6  was played in a death metal fashion and it’s very brutal but the highlight for me is the commanding bass line on the other half of the song, The sound was very grim.  Track #7 is a fast song and with a groovy chorus. I had a mixed feeling about that chorus,  at times that it sounded good and next time it’s not. The singing in the chorus is like a rap in a harsh voice. Anyways, the midsection part is quite good wherein the guitarist calls forth those hypnotic riffs and finished it off with those groovy parts again.  Track #8 is a favorite of mine because of the mid pace and melodic approach of the song. This time the Song arrangement is quite different but  the trademark riffs and bass line are still present.  I could say that it’s a  straightforward Metal Song. Track #9, All I can hear is the spoken words and background noise.  Track #10 should have been the perfect ending on this album if they omitted the singing in the intro up to the midsection. The singing was done as if he was reciting the lyrics in a various voices from clean, harsh and screaming. It’s sounded awkward to me . What saves this song is the heaviness at the near end of the track. It’s like a boiling point of all the instruments were it were played relentlessly.

If you like fast, aggressive and somber then you know what to do..




Irem – Obscuritas Aeterna

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Obscurita Aeterna is the 4th album by IREM of Germany.  The presence of the strong Scandinavian Metal is very massive in the  CD and having said that,  you should already have the idea of  the musical capabilities of this unit.

Let’s start with the CD Cover artwork.  A winged-female witch like creature sitting on top of the scattered skull bones on the ground. It’s cool, My only complaint is the quality of the image was overly digitized.

The album has 9 tracks and has the framework of  Watain, Dark funeral, Dissection and the likes..  1st  Eternal Hate, I like the epic intro of this song and the sudden all hell break loose template which spark my interest to listen more.  The pace changing at 1:06 to 1:44 is awesome, riffs are so memorable that it left a black mark on me.  2nd  Your Blood  –  has a  wicked  intro and a beginning pace that is alternately changing from fast to slow, I liked it initially but i didn’t like the drum work at 1:41-1:48 and gained momentum at 1:49 onward and finishes the song with an epic guitar work, double bass and the over the top scream of the  vocalist,  it’s very brutal!  3rd Tempels  –  Song arrangement is more complex than the previous 2 songs.  It starts with a Spine chilling intro and then the good old blasts beats. The riffs that were used in the intro were also  used in the most parts of the song but played faster. I loved the melodic  sound at  1:27-1:46 and  2:28-2:48, and the pace change starting at 3:40… brutal, heavy and majestic !  4th We’ll be free – not memorable and I find the riffs similar to the “Temples” song.  5th Chain of Flesh –   I liked the simplicity of this song, Straight forward, catchy riffs, fast and  heavy.  6th song Xul – Intense but nothing impressive.   7th Mask of Mankind – Heavy start, fast and melodic. Good song structure.   8th  Battle – nothing much to say here as it possessed the same intensity of the previous songs.  Last song 9th Arrogance –  was more into atmospheres and which I really enjoyed. Those slow parts were really amazing.  Well, it’s a perfect ending on the CD.

Highly recommended if you are into melodic black metal.





Ahriman – The Early Years

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“The Early Years” CD  is about the early recorded materials(promo/demo/EP/Split) of Ahriman(Hungary) from 94 to 98 and was compiled and  released  by Terranis Production(Hungary) on a digipak CD.

Materials are Sanctuary of Darkness “promo 94” , Return of the Black Feelings “Demo 96”, …from the Dark Nature “EP 97” , Faceless “Promo 98″, A Tribute to Tormentor split 7” “EP 98” and a bonus track Twilight Tillage Dawn. Hearing them the first time was like going back in the glorious times of this  kind of Metal.  The musical configurations are the following:  evil melodies, eerie atmospheres, primitive, and wicked composition. It’s the best description of their early works. Promo 94 has 1 song named “Transylvania” and  It was done in an old school BM manner. The “thin sound” of the guitar and it’s evil melodies are the foundation of this song. The pacing are mid to fast and it really fits the music. On the vocals, aside from screams a whispering voice was used as well which again really compliments their style.

Demo 96 has 7 songs(intro and outro included). Same config as above but to further escalate the atmosphere another tool was added in the form of synths/keyboard .  That additional tool was very effective on giving a “Sinister feel” into the music and best heard on the songs “Faceless” , “Freezing Tears”  and  “Lord of Winter”.  Undeniably, the compositions are fantastic! All songs were written with passion and has it’s own identity. This demo is the definite sound of Ahriman and i’m wholeheartedly into it. EP 97 is slightly different because it leans more on catchy melodies. Melancholy and goth sounds dominate the synths.  Well, there are still songs that matches the same settings of the above releases but majority of it are melodic. “Prayer of my Sad Spirit in a Black Church” is one good example, this track is very infectious and it’s the longest song here. Composition are still good but i’m half halfheartedly into it because i was expecting a far more sinister output from them..

Promo 98 is a 1 song –  new version of the song “faceless” from demo 96. It’s 51 secs shorter than the original song and the production is clear.  Another release from 98 is the song “Beyond” from  “A tribute to Tormentor split 7 EP”.  I’m not sure when they wrote this song but it has a strong song writing similarities of Demo 96.  It’s cold, dark and grim.  A perfect song for the split.

“Twilight Tillage Dawn”  is the last song on the CD(Bonus Track- was recorded in 2006) and a departure from their old ancient sounds to a more cruel format. Guitars are more loud and brutal this time. If in the past the drums were quite laid back, here it’s in constant blast! The song is faster now and an occasional slow section. The only remainder from old releases are the sinister sounds of the synths that are still capable of giving fear to untrained listeners .  This song is their culmination..

I really liked what i heard on this CD because you can hear the band’s primitive beginnings up to their highest point. Terranis Productions did a great job in compiling all the gems of Ahriman in this CD.

Please contact the band at or Terranis Productions at .






Lasher Zombie – Back from Death

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“Back from Death”  was the debut of Belizean Metal Heads known as Lasher Zombie.  10 tracks of punishing grooves, brutality, grind  and even black metal! The closest band that i can compare to them to is the new Sepultura.

Most of the tracks were aggressive so there’s no dull moment here.  Back from the Death is the 1st song on the CD and was initiated by a Fancy drumming(drum programming) which was cool.  The  grooves all through-out the song were okay but it’s not impressive enough for me,  However, I  liked the Thrashy parts on the midsection of the song. The 2nd song “Cruel Reality”  has anthemic feel which i dig and has more angst than the previous song.  The guitar solo  is good and it added depth on the song, this song was better than “Back..”  The song  3rd song “Erradicate..” has a simple song structure and were heavily infested with a nice sounding grooves.  “Falling Angel” was a real surprise for me because of the unholy presence of  BM structure on it.  Expect a grim intro,  haunting keyboard sounds and don’t forget the grooves that LZ were known for.. “Brain Grinder Apuch” is my favorite song because of it’s straight forward brutality, less groove, heavy and awesome guitar leads.  “Belizean Blood Bath” was fast and another groovy song..  I’m really into “Chilam balam” and “Infernal dreams” because it’s straight forward and very metal! and the “brain grinder apuch” song as well.

It has two cover songs namely refuse/resist and hammer smashed face but i won’t go into details about it.  According to them this album was more on experimentation and trying to find their own sound.. but I think they already found it in the songs such as “Brain..” ,  “Chilam..” and “Infernal..”  Fast, Heavy and Brutal! Just focus on those and all will be good!


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