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1. why Bestia the name of the band and what is it mean to you?

Bestia means ‘the beast’. Our music is bestial.

2.What is the artwork of your demo suppose to depict?

Wolfs are my favorite animals. i think that artwork fits well to our demo atmosphere.

3.what is your lyrical themes talk about?

mostly about hate, suicide, darkness and for example 3rd track talks about necrophilia.

4.What inspired you to write lyrical themes like this?

our singer writes them on the moment of depression

5.Do you have any contact on any labels to record a debut album?

Well i have a lot of interesting contacts with labels and distributors. maybe someone will help us, but it’s too early to talk about it, because i have a lot of work to do with line-up and i don’t know when we are able to record new

6.For me the tracks labi halli udu sounds for brutal and dark than the other tracks. what’s labi halli udu talks about?

Labi halli udu(through the grey fog) is the first song that i wrote for bestia, it was about for 3 years ago. other tracks were written later, so thats it. lyrics talk about spirits, fog, dying.. i see your future through the grey fog in
desperation you raise your hands for scream.

7.You said that your demo was voted position no. 5 in metallion radio show in estonian metal chart. is there some censorship in your country?

metallion is radio show on Estonia’s biggest radio station; they have different metal styles in playlist including black and death. No i haven’t heard that there is any censorship about metal. Most of normal people just avoid metal and
think headbangers are kind of weird. but i don’t give a shit about that

8.How will you support the underground metal scene?

I help people who organize gigs, support bands, design posters, and buy any records.

9.Do you consider your songs as satanic?

No, they are just straight evil.

10.Can you list all your influences?

Old absu , old darkthrone, old Mayhem, Carpathian Forest. BUt i also like death metal stuff like cannibal corpse

11.When and where is your first gig?

First gig was in october 2000. it was really baddly organized this placed was also shitty for metal concerts and i also had to borrow some microphone cables from other bar. 4 bands were announced but only 2 actually played, one of them was bestia. Public reaction was pretty cold because nobody havent heard about us before. BUt after concert i got some positive feedback, so i guess our first gig wasnt so awful.

12.How’s the metal scene doing in Estonia?

Well, we have some diehard maniacs, who organize gigs and don’t let metal die. we have also bands of different genres and quality. I think that situation is better that ever.

13.Do you have any message to every metal headz of the world?

Hail!!! Support Underground!!!

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