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1. How are you Paul and the rest of the band? Is the line-up the same Since the formation?

– We’re doing very well thank you. We formed in early 2000 with the same members that we have now. We’ve all been friends for years so it has not been a problem keeping band members!

2. Whose Idea to name the band Brainchoke? What does Brainchoke mean?

– Mark (vocals) originally intended Brainchoke just to be a song Title but we had no band name at the time and we all liked it so it kind of stuck! Brainchoke is meant to be the way you feel when you are depressed and do not know how to resolve your problems.

3.The debut album is “Migraine Music”, migraine is an extreme headache, is that what you want the listener to feel when they
listen to your music?

– I think that a migraine is what you would get if you did not know anything about our kind of metal!!! We would prefer that our music made people smile as opposed to reaching for the aspirin!!!

4. Ok, your music deals with sheer brutality, full of blastbeats and groove parts are few, how will you comment on that?

– We like to play fast!!! The new material has a lot more depth to it and is a lot more mature BUT we still blast as much as we can because it’s fun!

5. Mostly, Grind/death does have infested gore lyrics, what was your subject in creating lyrics?

– Mark’s lyrics are mainly about the depression that he has suffered from over the past
few years and how frustrating it is for him. He also writes about anything that displeases him; peoples stupidity and disrespect for their environment is a good example!

6.How’s the response there in England when you unleashed your debut album? What about the 2nd album?

– The reviews we’ve had have all been really
good which is very nice for us!!! It’s strange because most of our songs were written when I was messing around on guitar for fun, so for people to actually like them is very satisfying. The next release for us is going to be a split cd with an American band called Fetus Eaters. It’s going to be released by a small English label called Grind Ethic! Our part will be mainly old songs re-recorded plus two new songs. The reason we are redoing old songs is because we play
them a lot better now and it would be a shame to waste them as just demo tracks! After this release we are planning/ writing for a full album which will out sometime next year…we hope!

7. Are all the Members are a native born in England?

Yes, we are all from England. Mark and Dave were born “up north”, Kieran’s from “down south” and Simon and myself are from the middle!!!

8. I believe that both you and Dave are from the band Suffering, is the band still active?What led you to form a new Band? Any
misunderstanding from the former band?

Suffering are on hold at the moment, maybe we’ll do something in The future. Suffering was a slow doom/death
style band which was not good for me and Dave because we want to play fast!!! We formed Brainchoke as a side project but it
took over as our main band! There is no bad blood between the Suffering members- we still have a laugh when we see each other.

9. The band added film sample in the start of the songs like Brainchoke, for all to remember, chair or chamber, single figure I.Q., Who’s idea is that?

We all decided that it would be fun to put some
funny film samples onto the cd, mainly to amuse ourselves! I don’t know whether we will do the same on future recordings because the samples that we like bear no real relation to our lyrics or music, they are just for fun.

10. How’s the crowd there in England when you play live?

We’ve not been booed off stage yet!!! The reactions always seem to
be pretty positive so we must be doing something right! We did play a show in a trendy night-club which was a bit dead but to make up for it we cheered and clapped for ourselves!!!

11. Keiran (guitarist) is wearing a Morbid Angel T-shirt, it seems Trey Azagtoth was his major influence, What about you Paul who are you major influences in playing guitar? Aside from guitar what instrument do you play?

Keiran is actually more influenced by Dave Mustaine and Marty Friedman, along with the fellow from Dream Theater, than he is by Trey Azagthoth but we both appreciate his style! My main influences are not really very extreme (sorry)! I like the playing style of Stephen Carpenter (Deftones) and am really into bands like Slipknot although I admit the best bands ever are/were Brutal Truth, Nasum, Human Remains and Paradise Lost!!!

12.What about side-project, does the entire member have a side-project?

Simon (drums) is in another band called Tellercreep. they are a More mainstream project but he enjoys it! I also have a couple of projects on the go, both of which are in the very early stages but are both gonna be cool. One is a bit of an industrial type thing which I’ve never tried before and the other will be a covers band dedicated to taking the piss out of every band that has ever lived!!! There are rumours in our local area that the whole of Brainchoke are involved with a band called Demon Party which I must say is untrue! They are a bunch of sick fuckers who do not deserve the right to live on our planet!

13. How’s the relationship between MBTC production and your band? They release the band’s debut what about the second album?

We get on pretty well with our label because we run it!!! MBTC is the label we put together just to release our stuff. In the future we hope that other people will do the hard work for us! The next release is coming out through Grind Ethic which is a label run by Gorerotted’s drum monkey!

14. Does the entire Member have Jobs? What does your family say with the kind of music you play?

Unfortunately we all have to work for a living but hopefully not forever!!! There’s just no way that you can be in an underground band and release your own stuff without having a job! Our families are all quite impressed that we’ve come as far as we have so quickly! I’m not sure that they understand the music that we play or the fact that we pump money into the band with no financial rewards but maybe one day…

15. What are the future plans of Brainchoke?

Our immediate plans are to: gig, write, record, repeat! Our long term plans involve the destruction of everything in our path, but that’s another story

16. Ok Paul thank you very much and keep on grinding, Last words are yours?

Thank you very much for the exposure that you’ve given us!!! If you want any more information about us then check out our website:

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