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1.) you said that Eric Grawe has left the burning dusk. but why did he left the band.is there some personal problem about in the band?
He gone from the band because he move to another city , and he didn´t have too much time or money to came the weakends to the rehersals …so he decides retire from the band for his own..but everything it´s o.k. with him

2.)so how’s Burning dusk now. are you going to continue your journey w/out him?
The show must go on ,jeje…anyway , now we have a new guitar,he´s name is Sebastián Palominos

3.)can you pls. give me a brief biography of burning dusk. how and when it is formed?
Well…I formed the band with Christian(drums) and Dieter(bass)in august-september of 1999 , after i left a band called Ablaze…then the 3 of us joined , and created 2 songs (my goddess my curse , and deadly companion)…and with this two songs we started probing some guitarrist called with announcements in the stores of music…and thats how the rest of the guys arrive to the band …and even now our new guitarrist arrived to the band using the same system of publicity.

4.)in the whole band, do you have the same musical taste or style?
Hell no …will be too boring…the only taste in common is the melodic death metal ( the style that we decide to do since day one).we listen very differnt kinds of music , in fact we can´t listen music together for too long because always some of us want to change it …for example right now i´m listening Slipknot ( I´m a fucking posser jeje)

5.) when it comes in producing an own demo. how expensive to produce an own demo. is it limited copies only.how many copies mostly did the band release for their demo?
Always you do in a very limited way , it´s just to start.You seld it,or you give it , you throw it in concerts … anyway to make you knowed for the people.And we just made like 250 cd´s , and we still have somes

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