Exitus – Rot Em All(2016)

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While the previous effort  – Let them Rot, was recorded live. Rot ’em all was recorded in a studio. The demo-2016 cd is more solid because of its production(it wasn’t a live recording). The vileness and intensity are in the same model as demo 2015 – Infectious Black/Thrash. Three songs were written on the  CD cover but if you listen to its entirety it has four. Hidden track? never mind, I like the IV song, It was belt out in our native language – Tagalog! It’s cool and fierce at the same time – Tangina mo! nope, that is not the song title, perhaps! I will found out soon.

Apart from this being recorded in a studio, they have a new drummer here, he did a great job in maintaining their wicked sounds. Two new songs are on this CD with the exception of Writ of Blood which can be found in the 1st demo, and of course, the Tagalog song! Get a hold of this demo if you have the chance! contact:exitusdeathtoall@gmail.com





Rapist – High-Speed Metal Retribution(2nd self-released Demo 2016)

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Rapist is from Zamboanga, a city located in the southern part of the Philippines. Most of the bands I’ve heard came from Manila, Visayas, Cebu or Davao. It’s the least place I could think of where Metal dwells! In this age, Metal knows no boundaries anymore.

Obviously, this is Thrash Metal, as the demo name suggests – High-speed metal retribution.  Rabid vocals, awesome guitar works, decent songwriting and aggressive as it should be. The weakest link here, in my opinion, is the drummer, it lacks speed. Bass is inaudible but it’s expected on this kind of recording.

All tracks were rehearsed and recorded live (DIY style) somewhere in Zamboanga City. Yeah, it’s freaking raw and it would literally rape and violate your filthy ears! By the way, my favorite tune here is Death by Bolo!

Rapist are:

Junjay – Guitar/Vocals

Zhay – Bass

Mar – Drums


Junjane Valeriano

Purok 1, Malagutay Zamboanga City, Philippines 7000