Inverticrux – Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program

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Inverticrux-e1392664305305Malcontent Manifestation Monitoring Program is the first EP from blackened thrash death stoner Doom band called Inverticrux.
This EP is consist of 6 hellish tracks that
has a strong elements of doom, thrash, heavy and norwegian black metal mixed in randomly in their song structures, plus a wide range of vocal styles that go from king Diamond, Rob Halford type to Alice Cooper and black metal shrieking vocal and adding with some touch of death metal growls can be heard as well. You will not get bored in their music as they covered all the metal genre style, this is the first time i heard a metal band that professionally done covered all the metal music genre styles.

Dirigiri – EP 2012

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Dirigiri front cover with back 1Dirigiri is a 4 piece band from San Antonio, Texas USA.
Their music structures are from Death, thrash, speed and blending with some technicality like in the first track called Boiled in Blood this track is fucking killer man. In all of their 5 tracks in their debut self titled album you will not get bored on their music as it always keep changing the tempo like from death metal, speed, thrash and mid tempo, Which is really good to your ears.
Killer thrashing death metal guitar riffing, aggressive screaming, growl vocal and intense killer blast beats which makes their debut album a fine piece of work in death metal genre. This band are proffessional and has a big potential in bringing their best death thrash killer music to the metal scene.

Scent of Death – Of Martyrs’s Agony and Hate

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Of Martyrs's Agony and HateSpain Brutal death metal soldiers, Scent of Death’s Album Of Martyr’s Agony on Pathologically Explicit Recordings. Their Second Full Length album sees the band continue on their path of playing their blasphemous brutal death metal arsenal adding with some technicality. It should be no surprise the band influences are from Deicide and mixing it with some brutal stuff.
Musically, Scent of Death focus on technical, brutal and shift to minimal guitar riffings. Combining of growl and screaming vocals is fucking killer while backing up with intense brutal drum beat. Forgotten Times track is the best fucking killer shit.
All in all this album is worth to checkout, if your into deicide, brutal and technical death metal music genre, this album is yours. Buy this stuff now or die being as a loser.

Super Fun Happy Slide – The Undislodgable Nugget Scenario

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0001098_300A killer masterpiece grindcore album that Bizarre Leprous Production sent me.

This album has a 15 tracks of insanely High-powered thrashing fast old school grind core music.
A raw, old school grindcore, crusty power violence and filthy gore/grind with a few hardcore, punk, thrash and groovy elements thrown in for good measure. It’s really a mix of the best late 80’s Napalm Death grindcore.
Riffs here always moves to the next exciting thing, drumming is super tight, groovy and insanely fast.  Vocally, the pitch-shifted from screaming to gurgling and barking.  This album is really sick fast and fucking need to check out. Definitely recommend this to all grindcore music listeners.


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jigai_katanaThis album has a 20 grind core tracks including an awesome covers, Stench Of Prophet (Brutal Truth Cover), Genital Grinder (Carcass Cover) and Regurgitation Of Giblets (Carcass Cover).

This is a grind core album with death metal interactions,groovy feeling and mixed with an intense extreme vocal style. In all tracks their music style changes in riffs and tempo, like from death metal, groovy and mid tempo, Which is really good to your ears that will make you bang your head and dance. And in between of each track they mixed a dialogs from some hentai to give it an amazing gorey hentai taste.

Feast of Corpses – Sudden Death

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feastofcorpsesSudden Death Album has a 10 brutal technical death metal with a running time of 35 minutes tracks including the operatic horror intro. entitled Entree of Garlic Roasted Eyeballs. This album is a self-released and i can say that the recording is clear and professionally recorded.

The best tracks that i like most in this sudden death album are:

Hideous Crime Scenes Track start with a pig squealing vocal and blast beat drumming and fast technical riffs and suddenly will change the vocal style to scream and brutal. This track has some groovy feeling as well.

Autopsy of a Rotten Corpse starts with an intro explaining about insicion and then enters a technical riffing with a blast beat drumming. Torturing screaming vocal that’s supported with a pig squealing vocal style. This track is really brutal and fast, I like how the guitar riffs executed in terms of technicality.

Eternal Pain track has a thrash metal style with a blast beat drumming and fast guitar riffs mixed with a brutal and screaming vocals.

In overall their song structures has a 3 different style from technical, groovy, brutal, thrash and blast beat on each tracks. Vocals has a different style as well from, pig squeal,brutal and scream. Their lyrical theme are all about death, gore torturing and killing.

Ataul – Demo 2013

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Laguna, Philippines has been offering quality metal bands for some times now. It spawned Kambing, Ebwa, Effluvium, Negatron, Pathogen, Rabies and now a new Death/Doom Metal group has emerged and they are  Ataul.

Ataul just released “Demo 2013” and  from what i know it has 2 versions: CDR by Dethrone Records(PH) and a Cassette format done by Mandarangan Rex(US).

Ataul’s music were like a human fears that were converted to music. One example are the grief and fear that you will feel when you attend a funeral. Those morbid  consciousness were very well demonstrated on Demo 2013. “An End to Conquer” was my favorite track. Those agonizing slow parts as well as it’s ghastly riffs were killers. The fast tempos and the  guitar solos at the midsection were good too! “The Afterlife” does possess the same qualities but what i liked here was the aggression. Another favorite was “Into Eternal Slumber”, The trance-like intro was amazing and for the rest of the song as well.

Compositions were excellent and looking forward for the new material that this band will offer in the future. Interested individuals/distro/labels  please contact Dethrone records and Mandarangan Rex for your copy!

Frostagrath – A Journey of Infinite Sorrow (2013)

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Frostagrath is the creation of Lord Mist who lives in Egypt. As all of you know it’s one of the Chaotic country in this Planet and imagine the sorrows it brings to it’s people. I really thought that was the motivation of Lord Mist but no.. It’s more of a personal issues..

“A Journey of Infinite Sorrow” is a farewell anthem to those who had lost hope already and just want to end their existence. The full length has 6 solitary tracks and every notes of the instruments were  a harsh portrayal of one’s soul hardships in life.  Lord Mist knows his craft very well… He managed to create every possible tormenting sounds from his guitar, keyboard, drums and especially for his Vocals, I’m not sure if he’s really singing on this record because the singing was more like a tortured cries that asking for help.  Guitar and keyboards depressive melodies will take you into another point in time where in you can reflect and decide what to do with your boring life and at that point in time the suicidal hymns were playing.. Not sure though with the drums if it’s programmed or it’s Lord Mist pounded the kit, but it doesn’t really matter because the slow to mid paced execution of the drums  fits the music very well.

It’s my first time to listen to a DSBM in it’s entirety and what an amazing introduction there by Frostagrath.  I was hooked! Looking forward to the band’s next release.. Please contact the band if you’re interested.










Kult of Satanachiia – Promo 2008

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This Kult was the first Black Metal band on North Africa.  I couldn’t believe that metal  exist on this part of this hemisphere but here they are to crush my stupid belief.  Promo 2008 has 4 songs that was played in the olden BM style.  Nothing outstanding here but if you’re keen then read on.

“Beyound” is the first song and it’s at par with Darkthrone, Immortal and Vondur. Very primitive sounding, fast and chaotic. Vocal works were of screams and growl which were good.  One of the highlights of this promo are the  Guitar and bass works.. It’s very creative.  “Into” again was aggressive, I liked the song structure here because it’s more memorable  and a better song structure.  The blowing of the wind and evil guitar finger picking initiated the song “On Ancient”. Man, that intro was very dark! As i listen further it turns out that this is a less than 3 mins instrumental track. The bass work really complements the guitar and a spoken words which was done in a back masking way made the track more sinister. “Forgotten ” is the 4th track and it’s a live recording from a gig in their hometown. The set was very chaotic and Lord Igret bass was very loud on the set.

It’s just a shame that this promo didn’t have a decent distribution before. But,   If you’re interested please contact the band and i think they can provide you a copy of this..


Veligore – Veligore

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Veligore music should be played as  background noise for a cult group that is preparing for a ceremony and i’m pretty damn sure that would make rituals more interesting..

What i liked about these US hordes was the infectious sounding of their blackened music.  Darkthrone (Transilvanian Hunger Era) came to mind upon opening my ears for them.  All the songs has a ritualistic tone on it and the  not so slow and fast pacing were just perfect.  Riffs were very catchy and evil/horror sounding and those were the edges that made Veligore at least stand out from the rest..  nothing much to say for vocals, bass and drums as  they did their purpose very well.

Another highlight here were the Horror samples that were configured on some songs. It was not a random samples that they copied somewhere and just to fill the void, It was meant to be there to complete the songs and to strike fear to the listeners! As a result,  the atmospheres were very ominous!

Horror and primitivity were the foundations of the self titled debut.  I’m not saying that it’s something new, but it has a distinct sound that really belongs to Veligore.  The 11 tracks were worth listening to and i’m looking forward for a new materials that Veligore will ceremoniously offer in the future..




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