PATHOGEN (PHILIPPINES) Miscreants of Bloodlusting Aberrations

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2421pathogenmiscreantsofbloodlustingaberrationsphicd3320130201This band is one of the finest death metal band in Philippines. This album was re-released under Dunkelheit Produktionen and consists of 8 tracks.

1.Atrocity Exhibit
3.Heretical Wisdom
4.Abyss of Perpetual Upheaval
5.Ideological Strife
7.Afterlife (Sacrifice cover)
8.Uranium Messiah

You will find the Morbid Angel, Autopsy, Mixing with Some Slayer’s Kerry King Guitar Solos, Speed and Chaotic style, and with some catchy thrashy riffings to.

The production is raw to make them sound old school as fuck which really their craft. I can say that this band has a genius metal band members, in creating of a killer death metal sounds from the underground. There’s no downside in this album as song structures, riffings and mixing are carefully done. All in all this album is a killer, old school fucking head banging album.


EMBRIONAL “The Devil Inside” CD

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Polish death metal troops Embrional put out an impressive masterpiece latest debut album called
The Devil Inside, which was released this year 2015.
Contains 12 tracks of atmospheric, old school death metal mixing with brutality and technicality.
Their music is very unique by mixing those style in the whole album. Not just a typical one flow riffing of death metal style. The diversity of the music is really makes you get addicted to keep listening on this album. You will not get bored  as they keep changing the mood in their music
from slow, brutal and to fast. Guitar solos are excellent and head crushing on how it was executed in each tracks. It’s look like that this album is carefully arranged or designed in terms of music style.

Madman’s Curse and Whores, Drugs And Brain Dead is my favorite track in this album.

If you’re a fan of old school death metal like Morbid Angel, Cannibal Corpse, and Hate Eternal this Album will be a good addition to your collection.


NORTHLAND’S Downfall and Rebirth

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northlandis a Folk Death metal band from Barcelona formed in the year 2007. Downfall and Rebirth is their newest full length album which was released this year 2015. This album has a 11 tracks and their lyrical theme is all about Paganism, and Battles. From death metal styled grunting, black metal screams, and folk metal chanting uses here in vocal style. Cinematic sounds, and melodic guitar riffings,keyboards and violin as well which makes the entire albums very tasteful and enjoyable to listen to, if you like melodic style. Their music makes you feels like you are into the vikings era where this kind of music was invented and play, especially when you listen to Moonlight Spell (the song with female vocals) track, you will know what i’m meaning for.

This guys really work hard in this album to make this album a masterpiece in folk metal scene. The production is very crystal clear and was released under Black Bards Entertainment in germany.

So if you’re into melodic folk metal music, I recommend to check this out Downfall and Rebirth album.


OSSUAIRE – Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile DEMO

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 OSSUAIRE is a death metal band from France created in the year 2000. Le Troubadour Nécrophageophile is their First DEMO which was released in 2005. Ossuaire lyrical themes are all about Torture, Gore, Strange Sexual Practices.

This Demo consists of 4 tracks in the vein of Morbid Angel with a much heavier sound and a Bolt Thrower pattern. Imagine how it sounds mixing Morbid Angel and Bolt Thrower Music. Its a ferocius barbaric old school death metal. And plus the production of this DEMO is very raw to make it sound more heavy as fuck. So if you are a fan of an OLD SCHOOL death metal music, you will definetly like OSSUAIRE music.



Arallu – Genie War

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Arallu is a Mesopotamian Black thrash metal from Israel. Geniewar is their latest full length album which was released last February 2015. This album consist of 11 tracks including an instrumental introduction. This Instrumental called Evil Finest is killer they use their local traditional music style.

What I like in this Album and their music style is that they incorporate their local middle eastern music style in all of the tracks in this album which make their style very unique from all black metal bands. From the Desert to the Ice track is the best one in my opinion. And I have one comment in this album is that some on the other tracks the heaviness of the music is missing. Other than that if you want to hear some unique black metal music with a middle eastern touch, Genie War album is yours.

Rabies – Death Sentence to Mandkind

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rabiesRabies is a thrash metal band hailing from the Philippines, formed in the year of 2009 and consists of 4 sick members: ervish alcos – guitar/vocals, arius exconde – guitars, george diestro – bass and vic “victilator” jarlego – drums.

Death Sentence to Mankind is their debut album released under the 3rd Inferno Records. This debut album is done in 80’s old school thrash metal style, in the vein of bands like Xentrix, Kreator, Sodom, Destruction, and Dark Angel. No melodic and groovy, just pure heavy, aggression, and speed. It has an intense and insane shredding adlibs that will shred to your flesh, aggressive screaming vocal, and a tight as a nuns cunt, base and drum works.

Buy their album and support underground metal and get infected with their music.

 available at 3rd inferno label.

Band contact:

Toxemia – Ancient Demon

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toxemia_-_ancient_demonAnother full length album from holocaustic band called Toxemia,  Music style here is still the same but it has much slower tune, heavy, darker and the autopsy influence is still present and running in the veins of this masterpiece album. I can say that in this album they already perfected their craft, in terms of drum works, guitar riffing and vocal style. I wonder what the third album will be sound like might be an onslaught. To all old school death metal fans this Ancient Demon album is worth to add in your collections. Also available at 3rd inferno label.


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R-6862994-1428237770-3133.jpegPlanetary Devastation is the debut full length album of Toxemia from philippines which was released on 2013 . It contains 10 tracks including the killer instrumental intro called Holocaustic Ritual 2. This sounds like a background music while someone is preparing to sacrifice to the lord of darkness. Their music style is a classic old school death metal with a touch of doom and dark feeling. The mood and energy of their music in this album is keep on changing from slow to speed and that will make the listeners to keep on worshiping this whole album. Song structures, vocal style and the atmosphere in this album reminds me of an Autopsy band, this must be one of their influences. Anyway this album will make you become hooked by a set of perfectly classic old school death, dark and cruel tones. This album is available at 3rd inferno label.

Cyrence ‘ The Hospital EP”

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The Hospital EP Front Cover SmallCyrence is a melodic thrash metal band from germany. In the vein of metallica, megadeth and anthrax. This Ep has and eight thrashing metal tracks and was released on March, 2015.

Each song has a different mood, groove, melody and energy. The sound production is very clear and professional. Even though they didn’t focus on the speed and heaviness, Cyrence create an outstanding quality sound.

There’s a track here that they mixed up the style of their 3 influences, like in the vocal style of hetfield and mustaine. This Life, The Hospital, and You Kill me, are the tracks that are worth to check out.



Foreshadow – The Stranger End of Death

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foreshadowForeshadow is a band hailing from tampa florida, USA. Consists of 4 members Daniel “Corkscrew” McConaghy-vocals, Aaron Robinson-guitars, Jon McDonald-drums, and Maggot-Bass. The Stranger End of Death is theirs latest EP which was release last year 2012 by ForeShadow. This Ep contains 8 hellish tracks including 3 live tracks. Their music style are ranging from black, death, brutal, thrash and some heavy metal. I can say the track “The Meaning of Life” is the best song in this EP, perfectly done and excellent music style. For all metal heads who loves dimmu borgir, lamb of god, dark tranquility. This Foreshadow’s “The Stranger End of Death EP” is yours.

Contact them now and buy their releases.

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