Just One Fix – Let Them Hate… So Long As They Fear

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just-one-fixHailing from Auckland, New Zealand this band called just one fix and consists of 4 members Sharne Scarborough – Guitars Riccardo Ball – Vocals, Martin Kemble – Drums and Ant “Stuntcock” Ward – Bass. This is their 3rd full length album. Here’s how I will review this album, I got a speeding ticket and nearly crashed while listening to this album in my car cd player. Neck- breaking and intense thrashing metal, this band is I can consider a thrash metal god in New Zealand. Really worth to check out. Guitar riffings and especially solos can be compared to kerry king guitar solos, drum works and bass are excellent and vocal style really suit in the music style.

Heavy, Melodic, technical, and groovy rapidly flows in this entire album, plus you can hear the very unique tune only from New Zealand metal style. Production is very clean and professionally done as well.

To all metal fans of slayer, early metallica and megadeth. This Just One Fix, New Zealand band is fucking worth to check out. Buy their albums or Die in Pain hahaha.




Three Sixes – Know God, No Peace

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Three sixes a metal band hailing from orange county california, they formed in the year of 1998 and still active and making noise in the metal scene. They send me a promotional cd copy of their Know God, No Peace, which was inside a replica of a bible, it is really cool. Ok now let’s go to the music three sixes style is a thrash metal infused with some hardcore, a little bit industrial and adding some nu-metal style with shrieking vocal style. The lyrical theme are all about Satanism, Anti-religion, and Gore.

 This album has a lots of different style from fast, groovy, heavy, melodic and some rap metal.

 Its my first time to hear a music style like this, but I don’t like the rap metal parts, sorry but i’m not into rap metal. Drum works was impressived, guitar and bass work was tight too.   All in all I think it’s still worth to check out this guys.

 Three Sixes are:

 Damien LaVey – vocals
Killswitch – guitars
Whiskey – bass, backing vocals
Konnyaku – drum

Website: http://www.threesixes.com


Paediatrician – Deformed Premature

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Deformed Premature

Paediatrician a Brutral Gore Grind band formed in year 2006 at Budapest Hungary and released their first full length 2011 album called “Deformed Premature”. Their music style is Gore Grind but they infused a strong brutal death metal style with a pig squealing vocal style. Their musical theme are Zombies, Violence, and Horror.

First track has an intro of a small movie clip which is traditional in gore grind music genre, followed by an intensed ultra fast blast beat drumming and string pulling riffs i will rate this track as the best one in this album. some tracks like Deformed Premature” reminds me of Rompeprop and guess what they done an awesome killer cover of Rompeprop song called Vaginal Luftwaffe, this must be one of their influences. A killer Mortician cover called Lord of the Dead and Rotten Sound Cover has been added in this album as well.

The Deformed Premature album holds steady between ultra fast blasting power, brutal, groovy and slam. As the tracks continue to play you will hear in their music the intense suffering, torturing, and death which make this album a brutal gore grind masterpiece in Gore Grind Genre.

Band members are
Pokornyik Ferenc – guitar
Pőcz Balázs – drums
Lédeczi Zsolt – vocals
Varjú Dávid – bass guitar


Fördärv – Between the Eterneties(2014)

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“Between the Eternities” promo CD was sent to me by Katya of Nigredo record. It’s a new label from Sweden and it seems that is concentrating on releasing Fordarv materials, Maybe.. Need to ask her for more details..

“In Between..” were played with conviction, honesty and full of hate, It was a glorification of Scandinavian old school black metal. Basically, all my favorite spirits in the music such as wicked atmospheres and riffs, evil melodies, raging blast beats and hellish screams were very well unveiled here. The promo cd has 6 tracks in it, song structure, it’s changing from fast to slow and vice-versa.  I really liked all the fast parts here, it’s rough and aggressive!  On the other hand, Slow parts were good too! It’s really epic and it’s already expected as Swedes are known for that kind of wicked tune.

As I’ve said earlier, this release was a conventional one, but I really liked what I’ve heard and it’s brought back memories of the early years. It sounded good to my ears and that’s what matters most to me!






Imperial Savagery – Full Length Album

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391539Imperial Savagery is a band which actually just recently, in 2013, formed in Chicago, United States, where all the best death metal bands came from. And with its Full Length album the band presents its first Satanic old school death metal endeavours to the cruelty world.

Imperial Savagery album begins with a track ‘Faithless Emptiness’ which is only 2mins and 46 sec., As you continue to listen from the first to last track of this album. you can hear the cruelty, anti christian brutality in their song structures. You won’t find any technical guitar riffs, and triggered drums style here. just all pure old school detal metal style, in the vein of immolation, Angel Corpse, autopsy and deicide.

Songs are shorts that is like all straight to the point, with no horro intros or something, good to say as a fast killer and the only longest song is the ‘Thy Kingdom Crumbling’ which is almost 4mins. and this one is my favorite track in this full length album. I like the blast beats, the changing of guitar tempo, and plus the brutality is insanely produced in this track. Their lyrical themes is all about Evil, Darkness, and Anti-Christian. The recording quality of the album enhances the brutality of their music.  Currently this band is unsigned, just wondering why this band is still unsigned. To all labels you should check this band out or die.


Suffering – Chaosatanas(2014)

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SUFFERING is from Poland and was created by Armagedon and Astaroth in 2007.  CHAOSATANANAS was just released this year(2014) and contains 6 hymns of necro sounding Black Metal.

The compositions were dark, grim and brutal and  those combination were a delight to my ears.  Screams and spoken words were used to communicate with the listeners as those best fits this kind of music.  Guitar riffs are good because it’s memorable and catchy (on slow parts) and will make you bang  your head.  Of course it’s nothing new but still kudos for them for keeping the tradition alive!  The past is alive indeed!

I really liked what I’ve heard and will watch out for their future release.  My reference for this good band would be the early Norway/Sweden BM scene. If you loved that scene(which i do) then definitely you’re going to like this band. The band is still on their early stages and hopefully they can escalate it to the next level and create their own sounds . Just keep your eyes and ears open for them.

Please send your inquiries to Sanctus at sanctus@vp.pl .  Labels/Distro involved are Mort Productions(Poland), Morbid Shrine Productions(Spain) , and Magma Pure Underground Distribution(Italy).



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