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1.) How’s the Human Mastication in davao metal scene city right now?

Gee – We are doin alright eventhough we are struggling with a lot of hindrances like finances. And arranging some songs for our upcumming release.

2.) Can you tell somethin about the bands bio. to know more. coz it’s the first time you’ve been featured in our zine?

Gee – Human Mastication was formed in late 2002… With the original members of Gian on Drums, Jay on Guitars, Siloy on Bass and Gee on Vocals.. Rodney left the band to focus on his hardcore band. Then the band talked to Nosferatu’s Drummer Gian to fill the empty post. After we recorded our 6 demo songs, Gian left the band due to time conflict and other priorities.. And our original drummer Rodney came back to fill the drumkit. I think that’s all!!!

3.) What are the bands influences and why those bands?

Gee – I can’t tell about our main influences… We have many different styles. But we have a lot of influences in US death metal style…

4.) Can you tell somethin about the writing process? especially in 1st track it was a fucking headbanging moment?

Gee – I actually do the writing and composing stuffs, while my other bandmates do the riffs and drumwork. The lyrics are purely contextual to our beliefs, nothing more… nothing less.

5.) When human mastication playing live? How can you described your band?

Gee – We don’t know yet! We will see this Cumming month of May or June… What do you mean!? Our musick!? I can describe our musick simply as Brutal death metal with a lot of groove with some ultra sick heavy hardcore parts!!! That’s it!!!

6.) Does the full-length album already in action? What can we expect and the metal fanatic about that?

Gee – Yes, We are now working for our full-length! I think it will be finished later part of this year. And hope we can find a label to release this fucking material. All I can say is expect more Pulverizing Groove Brutality!!!

7.) In your own opinion how many bands do you think that are true to the davao city metal scene. And for you how can you say that the band is a true to the scene and not a disgraced or ‘yung mga hanggang umpisa lang at yung magagaling kunwari’?

Gee – I can’t answer your question about Davao City Metal Scene because I think I’m not the right person to answer your question… Please ask someone who knows about the bands in Davao City or ask Boyet of DAVAO DEATH METAL DISTRO… I think he can answer your question…

8.) Don’t get fucked at this question coz your from davao. Some people there says that Philippine metal scene is known by the place davao city and Philippine is also known for the rip-off country because of davao city also and your place is the one who puts our country in a shame state worldwide? What’s your comment about that? Is there some actions about that?

Gee – I don’t really like to comment about this! I know that there are many “rip-off people” existing here in my area. And I don’t mind their business!!! Because I know that no one can stop these people! My opinion about these guys is that they think they are superior if they can rip you off!!! And we have nothing to do with these guys!!!

9.) How’s the underground trading scene there in Davao city. After the rip-off scum happened in our country and most especially in your place?

Gee – Refer to my answer in question No. 8

10.) This question is not related in metal stories. Can you briefly tell somethin about the Davao Death squad there? Is it true that they are connected to your mayor? I’m just curious about it?

Gee – The Davao Death Squad or DDS is a notorious group doing summary killings of small-time drug peddlers and addicts. Davao has once been threatened by their actions, but since only those who uses and sells illegal drugs are targets of this group… And also they have many innocent victims. I think people in Davao got used to news about brutally murdered addicts, even if some of them are minors. There are rumors that the mayor himself is supporting/financing the said group, but it remained unconfirmed due to lack of evidences. . .

11.) O.k. Heres the fucking end of this interview. Anything to masticate and spit out my friend?

Gee – Thanks a lot for your total support and time in doing this interview with Human Mastication… I wish you the best for your zine!!! Stay sick and Brutal!!!! To all Sick people Reach Human Mastication at


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1.)How’s everybody in Lapida’s grave?
Everybody is doin fine. hi to all readers of Cult Mongers!

2.)Can you pls. tell somethin bout the band?
Lapida is a Davao city based Death Metal band with members from
Dysentery and Trissect Endocardium-Brutal Death Metal. we have already released a 2003 3 song Demo. the band has also played several Metal gigs along with bands like Korihor,Al-Iblis,Human Mastication,Cremation etc.

3.)why is it that lapida and some bands there in Davao are always influenced by U.S. deathmetal?
because U.S. Death Metal plays more Straighter and Simple. bands like
Malevolent Creation. Suffocation.Death for example. we also like
European bands like Pestilence and Vader and south American bands like Krisiun and others. i think it is not always American bands influnced Davao city. i know you heard a lot from Korihor and other Davao Black and Death
Metal bands who are influenced alot from European Heavy,Thrash.Death, and
Black Metal.

4.) Why do you want to create an original sounds w/c came only in our owncountry and not from other country? Whats your comment about that?
i think Death Metal is the best sound in this fuckin world that we are  living. it is a goodway to die listening to this kind of shit. i think nobody is intersted of our local heritage in our country.

5.)Whats your opinion about the wide spread of Rip-Off scene in Davao?
there is no such stupid rip-off scene here in our city. and i guess this question is an old issue already and im sick and tired of hearing it. tell me the names of those rip-off gayheads and im sure there only a few names and you can still count it in your fingers. Davao city has a massive headcount of intelligent Metal Hordes that dont give a damn shit about this rip-off thing. maybe some day you can come here in our city and witness a TRUE Metal gig. join us in our Blodbath……

6.)So you are came from band called Dysentery. What do you think is the reason why some bands always disbanded and never stay for too long?
Dysentery is still alive! and we will be back soon. our drummer and bassist needs more time for their family and work but still decided to continue the band.

7.)How’s the writing process of LAPIDA? and also about the lyrics?
the writing process is long because we want to make sure 100% that the music that we compose is the exact thing we want. so far we have 5 original compostion and still counting. the lyrics is about the reality of Death coz it has no bounderies……

8.)Does the metal scene there is also supported by your violent Mayor or the local gov’t.?
No! and i think he doesnt want to. im sure he is not ready to see a Extreme Metal band playing infront of the city hall with wildbangers in the frontrow.

9.)In a year how many gigs does your place had? How supported the metal freaks there in your band?
there are 20 to 30 gigs every year,it depends actually. Metal Freaks here are very supportive even if you are an old or new band.

10.)Does your band have a future plan? What can we expect from that?
of course. to play more gigs, write more songs, drink more alcohol. smoke a lot then hit the studio for recordings. and of course, have fun in what we are doin.

11.) ok heres the end. Anything to vommit?
thanks for the interview. support your Local Underground Metal Scene


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Cult Mongers: how are you Jhan?

Jhan: I just woke up.

Cult Mongers: can you please give some info about your new band?

Jhan: My new band is called “In Excelsis”, still a one-man band. In contrast to “Gaeldorn Jhan”, it’s somewhat more audible. The music has been taken into another level, so to speak, with more intricate rhythm sections except that the raw resonance is still maintained which creates a bridge between the two. Maturity and development intact with supersonic battering is how I would describe In Excelsis.


Cult Mongers: Tripalium Zine described your music before as Barbaric Grinding Metal and now how can you described your music? And why you shift from another style?
Jhan: As I have stated above, the music has been taken into another level which is obvious in the denser song arrangement & the more critical and significant lyrics. It’s a little different from before although the essence is still there. I wanted to move and create something different from what I did in the past. Besides, it was a tiring process and it stagnates me as a musician. Another reason is egocentricity has taken its toll on me. I’ve reached the point where creating music isn’t just about having a good time anymore.


Cult Mongers: is there no doubt in your mind your mind that you change your style? And you killed your first band Gaeldorn Jhan, anyway is it already dead?
Jhan: No, there’s no second thoughts or whatever. Yes, Gaeldorn Jhan is long dead.


Cult Mongers: how long have you been in this kind of Underground Metal industry?
Jhan: I would say not that. When I was at the recording stage of Gaeldorn Jhan I was still in the process of studying how to produce my own stuff. Basically, that’s about 5 years ago.


 Cult Mongers: hows the Metal scene there in your place? Can you described the scene there.

Jhan: If we’re talking about the Metal scene, as far as I know, there’s none at all. Well. there are a few bands that play Metal, but most of them are suffering from superiority complex. Hence, creating some barriers. If there’s any “scene”, it’s all but a façade. DSR (Deadstring Records) is trying to change things around here, but I guess it would take a while to make the dream a reality. My work with DSR is more on the internal process, recording, mixing, etc. Setting up a scene is not on my agenda.


Cult Mongers: about your new stuff, is it already out what do you think will be the out come of your new stuff?

Jhan: No, it’s not out yet. I’m hoping to finish it early 2005. I’ll be recording some more materials when I’m off school for the holidays. The finished product will be quite a surprise to some people who have heard my older stuff. It will be a drastic musical change.

Cult Mongers: in an underground music artist like you, whats the reaction when some Metal freaks don’t like your stuff after they hear it or the bad feedback from the scene in short?

Jhan: So far I haven’t had any bad responses with Gaeldorn Jhan, except that it was too raw. It was more of an advice on the mixing approach. Gaeldorn Jhan wasn’t distributed properly, so there’s not much feedback going on except for the good ones. In Excelsis will probably have a taste of both sides of criticism.


Cult Mongers: is it difficult to be as a 1 man band? Can you please tell something about the mixing process, writing process and medium you use?

Jhan: No, not all. I prefer it this way ‘cos I am free to choose which ever direction I want to take my music. The mixing process is simple – I plug my guitar, bass and mic, do a little tweaking to get the sound right, then that’s it. When it’s all recorded to my pc that’s the time I adjust the levels and frequencies of the recorded stuff. I don’t do any advance technique or whatever procedures. The writing process starts with a riff then I’ll program the drums and see how it sounds and from there the song arrangement comes in. Sometimes the lyrics go first. That’s probably the best way I can describe it. The medium that I use would be guitar, bass and a PC for drums, mixing and recording.


Cult Mongers: in your own opinion how can you rate your self as a musician?

Jhan: I wouldn’t do any numerical ratings on myself, all I know is I know what I want and I know how to get it. I don’t follow any theoretical frameworks on my songs. I do as I please.


Cult Mongers: about the influences who are they? And why?

Jhan: Cliff Burton would probably be my biggest influence though the audibility of my music is in question since I have been venturing to a lot of Metal sub-genres and some other esoteric music for a long period of time now. It’s really hard to put into words, but all I can say is Cliff contributed a lot in elevating (not only Metallica) the standards of Metal. Another thing is he felt deeply about his music and he bangs his head like a madman which I find really cool.


Cult Mongers: ok heres the last now my mind is already empty now. Anything you’ll like to add or to spit out from the scene?
Jhan: In Excelsis demo entitled “Monstrum in Aenima”, will be out early 2005. Any zines interested you can email me at I appreciate the support, Adrian! Thanks and more power to your zine. Memento Mori!


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1.)Hails!How’s Everybody in Negatron camp?

Before anything,I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you Adrian and Fritz for this interview. Thanks also for giving me a copy of your fanzine during June 19th gig in Marikina City. Its great to finally meet you guys. Infernal greetings to all your readersand all our metal brothers and sisters in arms…

Well, we have a demo out called “Messiah of Damnation” 4 songs plus 2 live bonus tracks. We released the cd version ourselves and ALvaro of Metal Havoc zin/productions[and also of Paganfire] issued the cassette version with a different bonus tracks up to about 80 hand-numbered copies. Lately,we have been busy writing new songs and rehearsing of course,getting piss drunk! Were preparing for a few gigs coming up next month. Other that theres not much new with our personal lives. Just same old boring crap!

2.)Why changing the name from effluvium to Negatron?

I always expect to get this question a lot.(hahaha!) And sure enough I always do! The reason is very quite very simple. Our music has been evolving. If you listen to Effluviums first rehearsal demo and Negatron is totally diferent concept,Musically and lyrically,but it is still metal to the bone. So,the change is
more or less inevitable,just like this question (hahaha!) But a lot of bands did thatback then. If you take a look back into history,Hellhammer became Celtic Frost,Tormentor became Kreator,Civil Defense became Napalm Death,Xecutioner became Obituary and Iron Maiden had a lot of different names before they ever recorded their first demo in ’79. But hey! we are Negatron so we can do anything we want

3.)how can you describe Negatron in Stage?

I dont know. Its kind of hard for us to describe ourselves up on stage. The people who see us at gigs can probably give a better opinion. We just plug in our gear,turn up the volume and just thrash around! We dont really cares if we made a few mistakes or our gear is screwing up. We all had some embarrasing moments, but the point is just to have fucking fun and enjoy yourself. We like to get crazy up there. Its pretty much like therapy for us. It makes me forget all my problems and all that shit. Besides,its a good stress releaser.

4.)When and how’s the first gig of Negatron

I think our first gig as a Negatron happened in December 2003 at Killah John’s Marikina City. It went okay,but my guitar sound sucked,and i couldn’t hear my vocals most of the time. I remember,it was a week before we recorded “Messiah of Damnation”.

5.)What can you say about the U.G.metal scene here in manila?

Well,for starters,the scene in Manila is much more musically diverse,because it is the main cultural and artistic center of our country. Sure there’s always trends in the scene but if you’re an underground freak,you can have more choices there. Here in Laguna,everyone seems to be jumping into this emo/poppunk bandwagon. There’s probably a zillion bands here,butvery few actually stands out and doing something different.

6.)How can you described Negatron Music?

Its basically still thrash metal with a bit heavy metal influence,but wetry to puta slight twist into the existing formula so it wouldn’t sound redundant. Our main goal is not to recreate past,but to take the past and to remodel or re-define it for present and future.

7.)What are the influences of Negatron?

We all love vintage metal such as Judas Priest,Black Sabbath,Iron Maiden and the rest of the N.W.H.O.B.H.M. bands,But our main inspiration for creatingmusic for Negatron are bands like VOIVOD,SODOM,ONSLAUGHT,oldSLAYER,olD KREATOR,CELTIC FROST,CANDLE MASS,EXECUTIONER,old METALLICA,VENOM,POSSESSED,ETC. We also listen to some
progressive rock bands such as HAWKMIND,E.L.P.,RUSH,PINK FLOYD,etc. I like bands that try to do something different or weird. I love a lot of local metal bands,too. My favorite local bands now are PAGANFIRE and SARCOSANCT. Anyway, a lot of bands nowadays sounds the same,especially on the brutal death scene. Everyone seems
be so extreme and fast,but they don’t write catchy songs anymore. Maybe,that’s why I kept returning to the old bands. If I want to listen to brutal music,I’d listen to old CARCASS,old PUNGENT STENCH,SARCOFAGO,DEATH,TERRORIZER,DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA,COMECON and all those late 80’s/early 90’s death metal. Very few bands nowadays
are worth listening to.

8.)Does your band encountered some Problems that leads the band to disband?

Well,we used to have personal trouble before. Especially during the years of 2000 to 2002. We had lots of problems. A lot of challenges. I almost nearly gave up the band at some point. I got depressed and restless,but my deep love for this music has kept me going all these years. Our line-up has become stable since our drummer Vic,became our member in late 2002.

9.)Do you guys have a jobs. if so how can you managed time for your band?

No,none of us have steady jobs. Donamer used to but he got fired over a year ago. Vic is still going to school and trying to finish college. Back in the beginning, we were bunch of bored,mid-teen kids just trying make a lot of noise just to vent out our frustration. None of us are rich. We grew up in poor,working-classes families disillutioned about the world,we are basically outcasts,disenfranchised youths. Here in our city,the crime rate is high,a lot of people are jobless and couldn’t find decent work,a lot of kids ar on drugs and it’s just a miserable,desperate situation we deal with everyday. So in order to escape from all this mess,we turn into music I’ll never know where I’d end up today if it wasn’t for Metal… It’s probably the first positive thing that had ever happened to me.

10.)What’s Thermal shock all about. Can you give some info. about that?

Good Questions! “Thermal shock” is about an apocalyptic global warming. Messiah” of Damnation” is about recent war in Iraq and the overall turmoil happening today in Middle East. “Exerion” is about,well it’s an old 80’s video game I used to play as a little kid. It’s my favorite.I just made this three-part science-fiction about it. I really love that game’s concept… Well,in writing the lyrics,I take inspiration from books,War,films,weird paranormal things I see on the TV news,nihilism,misanthrope torture,death etc. I try my best to have a wider lyrical scope and more sense of adventure and “epic-ness”. About writing songs,things just develop from riffs. I’d come up with a cool riff that might connect it together. We would change things around during practice until we come up with something resembling a song. There’s really no master plan at work. I always get the best ideas when I least expect it. I just don’t know why! hahaha!

11.)Ok here’s the end now for this interview wala na maisip mga pare. Anything to add?

Thanks again Adrian and Fritz for the true U/G support! We really appreciate it! Thanks to all the people we meet and support us at gigs! You guys rule! NEGATRON’s “Messiah of Damnation” is available directly at us for Php 50.00 postage-paid. Also,my side project “Pathogen” also has a new 4-song demo out called “Into The Subconscious Void”
which is old-school death metal. Also for Php 50.00 (putang ina,murang mura na yan! Suportahan nyo naman ang eksena natin!) Trades are also welcome,but write first. Also who would like to suck or cocks can get in touch!

Willie Desamero,#4M. Fule Sahagun St.,San Pablo City,Laguna 4000 Philippines
Mobile Phone: 09194058357


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1.) hey! yo! watsup guys? (hip hop no)

ala naman masyado. ayos lang eto nakaluwag nailabas narin ang demo at parang nilabasan ng sampung beses sa sobrang sarap ng feeling.

2.) can you tell us how chamber69 form?

bale ganto yun, trip lang muna. naghahanap ako ng drummer (sobrang hirap) tapos nakakita ako ng mga members, ok naman. masaya nga eh kasi ibaiba kami ng genre ng music.may trash metal, may punkista, at may death metal. ako naman, si mel manyak, mahilig ako sa crossover extreme betweeen punk and metal. na ban nga kami sa isang studio sa cubao eh. hindi naman daw kami gumagawa ng musika. ingay daw ang ginagawa namin. hindi daw kami marunong tumugtog. namputah! bakla pala may ari nung studio na yun. yun, dun kami nabuo.
3. about in ur debut release whats the story behind it?

lasing! lasing! lasing! yun ang sagot sa kwento nun. in short lasing kami nung nag recording, nagbenta ng mga gamit sa recto(para may pambayad)(may kasama pa kaming 15 anyos na babaeng conyo) (sarap tirahin men!) ayun salamat sa wakas, at maraming salamat kay alex ng IN DARK PURITY zine dahil sa pag release at distro sa demo namin. at putangina pagkarelease pumunta na yung drummer namin sa japan. yun lang.
4.)are you guys a porn maniac dat’s why u choose to create music like what you did now?

hindi ba halata? mga manyakis ba yung nagjajakol sa lahat ng pwedeng ma-imagine at mapanood na mapagiiniteresan sa kamunduhan namin? sabi nila sexist daw kami. MGA ULOL!!! may social life din kami hindi kami hipokrito tulad ng iba jan. be realistic mga tukmol! dahil hindi naman lahat ng lyrics namin nakafocus sa porn, may gore, saka society, reality kumbaga…

5.what about the influence of the band?

ako new wave, 80’s punk, retro trash, crossover early 90’s death metal, agathocles, impetigo, dead ends madami na masyado baka naka limang putok ka na di pa tayo tapos. pero in general para sa banda, mga bold movies,pagjajakol sa unan, sa panyo, pang rerape ng 15 anyos na pinutok sa loob sabay iwan, makipag orgy, totoo lahat yan walang rip off yan. para yan sa mga pacool ulol.
6.)jogatron track is all about the biggest joga in the world and whose idea is this track?

bale sakin yan. naging fetish ko kasi yung mga babaeng malalki yung suso.
7.)In all of you guys sino may pinakamarami na na nakantot ung sa tao ha! 🙂 and buhay not the deady pussy? are you also guys into necrophilia. what’s your opinion about that?

una, yung sa pinakamaraming kantot: di ko lang alam, kasi hindi naman kami nagbibilangan. basta marami.

yung sa necrophilia: opinyon ka jan, kaululan na yan. ang damidaming magaganda na buhay na babae jan, bat kakantot ka pa ng patay?? diba?? masyado ka nang “cool” pag ginawa mo pa yun…

8.)about the first gig of the band? how successfull is it?

yun as usual, lasing nanaman ako. nawalan ng tunog yung mga amps, tabitabingi yung mga cymbals, wala sa timing yung vocals, bitin pa ako… yun, ginawa ko, naghubad ako sa stage. nagmukha tuloy peryahan yung bar.

9.)in the into. of your demo wer did you get it? it is a very nice intro. and whose idea is it?

from my friend myk… we got it from his pc.
10.)what’s your opinion now about our U.G. metal scene here in our country. especially in Manila?

metal??? yung metal ba yung tumutogtog sa myx saka sa pulp??? sabi nila kasi underground daw sila eh… ano pa tawag mo samin, e di embornal na kami…salamat nga pala sa mga “goregrind” at mga old school “death metal” tulad ng slapshock, greyhoundz, chicosci, at kamikazee. ang titindi nyo sobrang “cool” nyo!!!!

seriously, U.G. metal means Apoy ng Kamunduhan. alam nyo kung sino kayo mga pare.
11.)last na ito wala na. anything you like to fuck este add?

salamat kay alex IDP zine, corix NB zine, vro Metal havoc zine, nonoy scene zine, saka salamat nga pala sayo… wait till we reborn…


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1.Can you tell somethin about the band formation and how long EOM in the scene ryt now? Is there somethin new in the band?
JC: Two years na End of Man sa October 2004. Galing kami sa iba-ibang banda. Magkasama kami ni John at Yam sa Mass Carnage. Si Joey, Discant X at Aries sa Seven Stitches.

Yam: Matagal na rin naming plano ni John at JC na magbuo ulit nung nag disband Mass Carnage, kaso masyado busy sa trabaho. Pero nung 2002, nagusap kami na mas maluwag mga schedule at tiyempo naman, nagkausap din kami ni Idol-Joey…

Joey: …at dun nagumpisa ang Mighty Bonding! Tungkol sa pagbabago, marami itong taon na to. Abangan!


2.Which U.G. scene is more you lyk the U.G. scene now or before? and what can you say about it?

Joey: Siyempre yung dati. Bakit? Dahil bata pa ako nun! Sariwa! hehehe Di ako basta basta napapagod nun!

Yam: Depende kung paano mo titignan. Isang mas ok dati dahil mas united metal scene nun at kahit mas konti banda, mas iba-iba tunog. Napansin namin ngayon mas marami banda kaso magkaktunog sila. Iilan ang original ang tunog. Ang mas maganda naman ngayon, mas marami ang nakakapag-release ng material nila at ang laking supporta at tulong nagagawa ng mga fanzine.

3.Why End of Man name of the band, does it relate to the end of the humanity. especially when they hear your music?

Yam: Tropa naming si Danyon Dimayuga nag isip nung pangalan nung 90s pa.


4.Can you described EOM while on stage?

Joey: Aggression

JC: Pure aggression! 200% palagi para malabas lahat ng frustrations namin!


5.What are the killer songs that the band (ab)used to make the crowd turn into like a full of rabid dog?

Yam: Pag cover, EX-TC ng Death Angel at basta pag Slayer. Pag original Third Factor, The Scourge at Servitude.


6.) Do you still remember the gig at kilah john’s in marikina. When the old drunk punk was doin a fuck fist infront of you while performin on stage and also to the drummer. What’s the band reaction?

Joey: Ok lang. Wala kaming pakialam.


7.) In all of the EOM composition. What song is your favorite one?

Yam: Si Joey paborito yung Devoted Mistake!, mahirap sagutin kasi lahat paborito namin. Parang mga anak namin yan. Lahat pinaghirapan at pinagawayan isulat.


8.) What are the influences of EOM?

Joey: Slayer, Death Angel, Anthrax, Iron Maiden, Metallica.

JC: Metal, Crossover at Death.


9.) About in the EP. can you tell somethin bout it? and how can you described EOM music?

Joey: Siympre matagal namin pangarap magka album. DIY ang EP namin. Mula sa pag print, pag xerox, pag pack, lahat. Puyatan! May mga trabaho kasi kaya sa gabi ginagawa.

JC: Pinaghirapan sobra. Laking tulong na binigay ng mga kaibigan at pamilya. Sa recording at production nandiyan si Boyet sa equipment, at Ian at Isa ng Demiurge. Ian sa recording, mix at mastering, si Isa sa painting ng album cover, tsibog at lugar.

Yam: Nahirapan lahat, pero laking tuwa namin nung natapos. Kahit DIY pag pinakingan mo ginawa ni Ian sa production magaling, at yung album cover na painting ni Isa, ang lupit!


10.) Any future plans of the band?

Joey: EP ulit.

JC: Tinatapos namin yung mga bagong kanta. Ipon ulit ng pera tapos record na. Target early next year.

Yam: Mag-record ulit, at ma-promote yung unang EP kahit sa labas.


11.) ok sige eto last na ito k aya tagalog na. hirap mag english Fuck(teka english yun ha!) ang huling salita ng banda ay ibigay niyo na dito?

End of Man: Supportahan natin mga Independent na banda at salamat sa Cult Mongers!