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DSC_0140_400wThis one is the latest issue of this zine. It has no numbering for pages, so i count it manually. 44 pages B/W Computer Printed, and comes with a pro-CDR compilation as well.

Featured bands here are FUNERAL RITES, CULT FINDER, SPECTRAL MANIFEST, TOXEMIA (PHILIPPINES), ISTIDRAJ, EVIL MADNESS, DEMONA, TRENCHROT, NECRODIOS, SARGATANAS, VOMITURITION, RIPPED, SARCASTIC TERROR, NEFARIOUS, DISABLED, EXULCERATION, DIVINE EVE, GORE BEYOND NECROPSY. Plus interview to the Underground Label in Philippines called Dethrone Records. This issue doesn’t have Audio Reviews just Zine review only. Overall layout including the Killer Cover Artwork is Excellent.
Get your copy now at http://the3rdinferno.storenvy.com


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uzc5_400wThanks to Roy Sierra for making a trade for his fanzine.
This is my first time to have a copy of underworld zine, so here is the review.
The editor of this fanzine is a Filipino, based in USA now.
UNDERWORLD ZINE issue#5 is consists of 50 pages B/W fanzine with pro-CDR compilation of all bands featured. USUL (Phils/KSA), FESTER (Norway), BLAST PERVERSION (USA), HOD (USA), MORGENGRAU (USA), SEVERANCE (USA), HATE BEYOND / WARZY (Japan), INCAPACITATE (USA), MONGRELS CROSS (Australia), DISFIGUREMENT (USA), NERVECELL (UAE). Plus more audio and zine reviews. Cover and Layouting of the texts in this fanzine is excellent and readable. Interview questions are ranging from promotional to personalized questions. A worth to read if you love underground.

You can get the copy through The 3rd Inferno online shop at http://the3rdinferno.storenvy.com

Slowly We Rot #6

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This is another issue of the romanian metal fanzine called Slowly We Rot Issue No. 6

This is Pro-printed semi glossy, 60 pages, A4 format

Featuring interviews with:


SORCERY, TITUS CONSTANTINESCU – Romanian booking agent, band manager, merchandiser, zine editor and USURPER – a legend for many, unknown for others, but definitely a controversial band.

– more than 250 audio and zine reviews

Merchants of Death section (interviews with labels: Cold Raw Records, Metallic Media, Psycho Records, Terrorghoul Productions)

Rising Demons section (interviews with: Blodorn, Dasap, de profundis, Frostwork, Killrazer, Miserable Failure, Nerocapra, Plagues, Serpentrance, Sidious, Skinlepsy, Solace of Requiem, Solemn Curse, Sons of Famine, Taatsi, Terrorfront, Thy Legion, Winter Deluge)


+ FREE Compilation CD featuring:

Blodorn (France)

Dasap (France)

de profundis (Hungary)

Frostwork (UK)

Killrazer (Australia)

Miserable Failure (France)

Nerocapra (Italy)

Plagues (USA)

Serpentrance (Russia)

Sidious (UK)

Skinlepsy (Brazil)

Solace of Requiem (USA)

Solemn Curse (USA)

Sons of Famine (USA)

Taatsi (Finland)

Terrorfront (Slovenia)

Thy Legion (Malta)

Winter Deluge (New Zealand)


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64 pages, A4 format, glossy paper, professional print
featuring interviews with: Cancer, Lifeless, Birth AD, Repulsion, Angerseed, Bethlehem, Carnal Ghoul / Decayed / Desaster / Metalucifer / Trinitas, Ultra Violence, Mortuorial Eclipse and Romanian Thrash Metal Club

– more than 150 audio and zine reviews

– the usual Rising Demons section (interviews with upcoming promising acts: Barzakh, Blood Tribe, BloodOath, Frigoris, I Am The Trireme, Inverticrux, Motor, Nekrodeus, Valinor and Walking Dead Suicide)

– Merchants of Death section (interviews with Extreme Metal labels: Glorious North, Hellprod, Infinite Regress and Katoptron IX)

– Romanian Attack (reviews of the latest Romanian Extreme Metal releases). 
Slowly We Rot #4 comes together with a free Extreme Metal compilation CD featuring: Motor, Inverticrux, Bloodington, BloodOath, Blood Tribe, My Funeral, Valinor, Wall Of The Eyeless, Walking Dead Suicide, United By Hate, Fumigation, Garden Of Grief, Frigoris, I Am The Trireme, Sawhill Sacrifice and Path Ov Amok.

Layout of the whole zine is outstanding and very professional, easy to read and interview questions are interesting as in it is not a boring to read the whole zine.

Abhorrent Visions Issue#1

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55 pages from foreword to closure, a4 size pro-print zine from Finland. This zine cater from Punk to Metal Bands. And run by one sick punk and metal head named Jouni Parkku. Band interviews here are Necropsy, Ghastly, Speedtrap, Iron Dogs, Cauchemar, Under the Church, Spiritus Mortis, Lord Fist, Wytch Hazel, Ranger, Solitaire, A.R.G., Axeslaughter. Plus some reviews, articles and other writings. The overall layout of the zine is excellent because it is easy to read it even if you have a blurred vision.

Email: jouni.parkku(a)gmail.com
Webshop: http://avzine.bigcartel.com


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CHERISH THE DARKNESS “Issue #4” 24 Pages full size zine pro-print b/w from thailand with interviews from Salen, Bluurgh, Necrosanct, Obscurity and the Czech Scene Report. I don’t know if they are trying to limit their readers up to Thailand only because this zine is written in their Native Languange, but i understand about their hate and crusade “ANTI RIPPED OFF MOVEMENT” they are dead serious about it and the only thing that is written in english. Anyway who wants to ripped off !!!?


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“SCENE ZINE ISSUE #3” 40 pages full size zine xerox from the philippines. This zine had plenty of genre to offer from Death, Punk, Ska, Thrash, Hardcore, Black, etc… interviews with Feud, Backfist, Vurculac, Beowolf Productions, Antiqua, Vomit Snack, Beast Petrify, Centinex, Effluvium, Agathocles, Lie Detector, Marcos Cronies, Finger, Kratornas, Tungsten. Bands bio, reviews and contributions. A section dedicated to biases and daily lives here in Philippines about height Limitation in applying job, Exclusive school firts serve(it’s a fucking rage this day-ed), how to form an opinion and the crowd favorite ALCOHOLISM. Contact: Nonoy Padre Juan, #60 Narig st. Veterans village proj. 7, 1105 Quezon city Philippines or Punxis De Guzman, #303 Don Fabian st. Commonwealth ave. 1121 Quezon city Philippines.


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IN DARK PURITY “Issue#1” 26 Pages full size zine from the Philippines with interviews from A.M.F, Celestial Crown, Differential, Dying Fetus, Eerie Ln., Embryo, Hateplow, Homo Iratus, Infernal Oak, Internal Bleeding, Low Twelve, Merendine Atomiche, Noctumbre, Silencer and the Fallen. Aside from the usual music and zine reviews, columns like In Dark Purity – I’m a whore and How to Party “In Dark Purity Style”. Great printing of the flyers and the overall layout of this zine. Contact: Alexander Dela Cruz “In Dark Purity” 657 San Francisco st. Poblacion Las Pinas city 1744 Philippines. E-Mail: indarkpurity@edsamail.com.ph


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METAL HAVOC “Issue#2” 60 pages half size zine xerox from the Philippines with nice chatting from Alliance, Aurora Borealis, Incarion, Korihor, Lunatic Gods, Myth, Pathogen, Twisted Tower Dire and Valhalla. The usual bands bio and reviews. Also check out his “From the Past Reborn the Storm” this column will educate you about the obscure bands in the likes of Grim Reaper, Hallows Eve, Tokyo Blade, Running Wild and Demolition Hammer. This guy is truly a Metal Educator. Contact: Alvaro G. Martin 83 Tugatog st. Bagong Barrio Caloocan city,1400 Philippines. E-mail: metalhavoc@edsamail.com.ph