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I got this demo cd from Dethrone Records from philippines as a trade for our infamous Cult Mongers Zines copy.

COMATOSE is an old school death metal band from Cebu, Philippines formed in the year of 2003 with the lyrical themes of Satanism, Death, War, Anti-religion, Dark History. Comatose music is fucking heavy as fuck like a buldozzer that will destroy everything it passes on. So if you are a weak hearted Comatose music is not for you.

Heavy, mid to fast tempo and suddenly a thrashy neck breaking riffings blends in with the Blast beats, killer, insane, and chaotic guitar solos will make you get addicted to their music and banged your head to death. Some of the tracks here has a black metal feeling like the Ultimate Revenge track. Everything is heavy in this demo I think that’s the way they want it in their overall musical structure, that will leave you Comatose after listening to it.

Fans of old school death metal like Immolation and early Deicide “THY MIGHTY CONQUEST” demo is a good addition to your collections.

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