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1.0 How are you kevin and the rest of the Council Of The Fallen?
All is well in the Council camp. Derek is on tour with another band, Sean is in school for guitar and I’m on vacation traveling around.

2.0 How can you described your debut full length album called ‘Revealing Damnation’?
This album is a good combination of black and death metal both musically and vocally. There is also a slight thrash influence present. We pay homage to the past death metal scene with the breakdown grooves and also stay up to date with fast blast beat sections.

3.0 So you all guys at cotf had also other other bands thats why it doesn’t sure about in touring? is it the same until now. i mean to say about touring? is COTF a full time band now if it’s not how delicate the splitting time of work between Cotf and to your other band?
COTF has a problem touring because Sean and Derek both are involved with other bands and I work alot of hours at work and am only available during the winter. We also live in different states and only get together about once a year. I don’t have an other bands so Council is my full time band. We are interested in playing out, but time is a factor.

4.0 I read in your bio that your finding an appropriate artwork in your release. how is it about in finding a rigth artwork? do you hired a person or you just do it like a contest?
I initially gave two seperate covers to the label, but both were rejected by the label. After these rejections I just let the label find an artist. It was an annoying process and I still don’t understand why the others were rejected.

5.0 Can you pls. described to me the other layout of your release?
Its a basic layout with the lyrics and thanks list. Nothing too spectacular. I did definately want the lyrics printed though since I took so much time on them.

6.0 Are you guys working now for the next brutal record materials?
The next album is written and just needs to be recorded. Wewill hopefully be doing this Jan or Feb of 2003. The songs are just as brutal as the first cd and will match the intensity. No worrys.

7.0 In your demo your style of music is a pure black metal and in your ‘Revealing Damnation’ album you combined the dark forces of music of death and black metal? why is there some changes on it?
The music on the demo was pretty much, but the vocals were all black metal on the demo. We wanted the death metal vocal on the demo, but didn’t have anyone in the band that could do this. All the songs from the demo were re-recorded so the songs are the same. Death and black metal are a natural mix for me and I think this album is the best mix of both styles to date.

8.0 how is it true that when you sell your soul to satan. he will make you rich and famous? did this thing happen to you? is there some strong basis on it or is it a wide imagination only?
You don’t get famous or rich playing this style of music. Its more of a hobby and love. This whole idea is just imagination only. Even the bands on magazine covers have day jobs in extreme metal. Its keeps you grounded.

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