Cult Mongers Issue#7 on the works now

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Cult Mongers Issue #7 is on the works now.

** interviews done with:

Age of Agony – HU
Fordarv – SE
Rabies – PH
Garden of Grief – AT
Death Invoker – PE
Ahriman – HU
Kuth – HU
Aasgard – GR
Foreshadow – US
Three Sixes – US
Apocryfal – FI
Cyrence – DE
Imperial Savagery – US
Arallu – IL
Just One Fix – NZ

** still work in progress:

Tunjum – PE
Omenfilth – PH
Usul – PH
and of course the reviews..

Release date will be in October(2015) or earlier.

That is all for now.

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