Gorgos Goetia


A step in a new direction for A TRANSYLVANIAN FUNERAL, Gorgos Goetia is a staggering 72 minutes of raw and unbridled black metal magick, with no drum machines, no keyboards and minimal production values to retain the creative and improvisational style of the album.

This is certainly American black metal at it’s most pure and should even get the kvltists who think that the only good black metal is Norwegian black metal, to change their tune – albeit slightly.” – The Grim Tower Zine

Gorgos Goetia consists of stock standard old school 80’s and 90’s raw black metal music.

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Gorgons Goetia Tracklisting:

Cold Blood and Darkness
Burning Astral Hunger
Light Cast Out
The Supreme Rite of Transmutation
Mars Exalted in Capricorn
Percival in Black Armor
Ten of Swords
Hymn to a Gorgon
Goliath Resurrected


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