Light Rotting Out


Dublin based Wreck of the Hesperus seem to be in no short supply of foulness in their dank dwellings, allowing them to follow up their debut album The Sunken Threshold with another three track dirge of filthiness. Light Rotting Out does not stray far from the band’s original template of lumbering funeral doom with touches of black metal, but that is in no way a complaint.

The record opens with ‘Kill Monument’ and immediately sets the scene with the band’s stop-start method of execution, bass-heavy, almost sludge-esque riffing and frenetic drumwork. There is a coating of grime and dirt all over Wreck of the Hesperus’ music, the throaty shrieks not inhibiting this facet of atmosphere whatsoever. All of the elements herein unite to form a very aesthetically unpleasant experience, set inside the bounds of a well-structured and compositionally innovative funeral doom template.

Review by rasputin – sputnikmusic.com

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Kill Monument
Cess Pit People
Holy Rheum – i) night of negative stars
Holy Rheum – ii) Hologram Law


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