Procession To Annihilation


Deep growls and sociopathic shrieks vocal style that are restlessly used, an evil riffs, dark, and frantic chords was deeply flowing in the entire album. It’s a wall of whirling hail that can only batter you aside or swallow you in its vortex, all depending on your mental availability.
The drummer’s punch is powerfully stubborn, it echoes in the deep night of the album as a war drum which would precipitate the final Apocalypse.

To all death doom fans this album is a worth to check out.

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Product Description

Nihilistic Front is a doom death metal that is based in melbourne australia, formed in the year 2005. The initial intent was to fuse elements from bands like Godflesh and Disembowelment and would be an instrumental one-man solo project. It became apparent that something was missing, so Gaz called upon Chris, an old f(r)iend from Excarnated to contribute on vocals. Gaz had previously spent a few years on guitar/bass in Excarnated, and had also formed Antichrist with Chris in 1996 so there was never any other vocalist in mind.


1. Confronted By The Obscure
2. Procession To Annihilation
3. Opaque Shadows 11:06
4. A Working God 11:01



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