Dark Disciple

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1. why Dark disciple the name of the band and what is it mean to you?

Disciples in black. Representing brutal black metal.

2.Do you have any cover layout for your upcoming release?

Yes, for our upcoming full length the cover will have three burning inverted cross’s standing on a mountain of christian skulls and bones.At the base of the mountain their is burning sign reading death awaits you all. The title of our full length is Dark Disciple”Death Awaits you All”

3. what is your lyrical themes talk about?

The Dark topics people fear to face.

4.I know that you bones who wrote all the lyrics,what inspired you to write a lyrical theme like this?

Events that happen in every day life and the past life.some in my evil dreams

5.for me all the tracks from demo 2002 are much better than the demo 2001. it has a big difference.who gave an idea to change your music from demo ’02 to ’01 ?

The band over all felt the cries of our legion brothers to turn church fires up a notch.

6.when and where is your first gig and hows the fucking crowd when you played on stage?

Our 1st gig was in some small little shit hole in the wall, the crowd was fckin nuts and got crazy, so that was cool. Every show we’ve play at the response we get is always the same pure mayhem in the darkest form of respect. Hail to all you sick fucks who supports us.

7.hows the metal scence doin in Baltimore Maryland?

If i said it didn’t suck i’d be tellin a lie. But their are some great bands like Pessimist and Dying fetus who are trying to make a difference.

8.Do you have any contacts to record a full length album?

Yes, we are in talks with a hand full of labels at this present time.

9.what is the track “beneath the inverted cross” about?

The hordes of hell reuniting in the second war in heaven.

10. do you have any message to the metal heads around the world?

yes, stay strong & keep the faith.Destroy all righteous faiths. The age of darkness is coming, join now before it’s to late…Darkest thankx from the Knights of dark table. I am Maddog keeper of the keys to open the gates to https://www.facebook.com/DarkDisciple

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