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1. How are you guys in DFTW? Can you please give us the history of DFTW, how the band formed?
Hey bro, well everything is well with us. Anyway, the band was formed in the year 2001 and had undergone to a lot of lineup changes until we gain stability by the year 2004 with Tristan on vocals, Jeff on guitars, Randyl on drums and the latest addition Jay-quin on bass. We have two demos out, two splits out and recently Sevared records released our debut album “Agony through Rituals of Self Purification”.

2. When the first time i heard DFTW demo you guy’s sounds like a foreign band and can really compete to other bands outside Philippines ? What’s the band influences?
Thanks for that bro, we appreciate the nice words. Basically, we have lots of influences as a group plus we also have our individual influences as a musician. We look at Devourment, Disgorge USA (RIP Ben Marley), Suffocation and Decrepit Birth as our heavy influences at the moment.

3. How do DFTW write the music and the riffings also?
Nothing really special with us in writing our materials, Jeff and Jay-quin will do guitar riffs first, we arrange it according to our taste and enhance the entire song hands on with our instruments inside the studio and the lyrics will be executed after the music is perfectly mastered.

4. How did you guys contact the Sevared records and does DFTW has contact other label or only the Sevared Records?
We sent them our promo cd and luckily Sevared liked it and we made a deal immediately. Yes we sent our materials to other labels as well and we got a lot of great offers from them, fortunately we choose Sevared.

5. When the sevared records heard your demo. What’s their comment about the sick music you guys created?
They signed us immediately!!!

6. I read all the good feedback about the album, what’s your comment about that?
We’re grateful to hear all the good feedbacks and the negative feedbacks as well. It’s really a million dollar feeling for us, we got a lot of emails from those people who bought the cd, we appreciate them as how they appreciated us.

7. Can you please tell something about the album “Agony through Rituals of Self Purification”?
The album has 14tracks, 10 studio recording plus the 4track demo. Artwork was done by Arif Suhaimi, Flesh Disgorged/Wormrot vokills ( Singapore ). The cd was released by Sevared Records and also distributed by some distros/labels from the USA , to Europe and Asia .

8. What’s the TRUE UNDERGROUND METAL mean for you?
Hmmmm, well for us, collaborating to the underground scene, getting in touch with the labels and fans and to the other bands as well is the true meaning of it. There is no big money involved here, and we’d like to keep it that way!!!

9. Are you guys into anti politics shit? What can you say about our country now?
Yes maybe, I think most of us are into it but I choose to keep my thoughts about it with myself. Every one of us has its own opinions concerning politics.

10. O.k. Here the fucking ends of this interview. Anything you can add?
Thank you so many brothers for the time, Sorry because it took me so long to finish the interview, hope you understand!!!

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