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1.) Can you pls. give me the brief description of Dysentery? Is this the original line-up since it was formed?

DYSENTERY was formed in early 98 out from the ashes of PAX-VOBISCUM, a brutal death metal also from Davao.We have been through a lot of line up change’s since the beginning. Later it was remained as a solid 4 piece member. The current line up is, Jonglord-Bass Donald-Guitars Barry-Drums Ryan-vocals

2.) How strong and active is Dysentery in Davao?
As ive said before, the band is hailing since 98 and we have been playing a lot of local gigs here in Davao and the rest of Mindanao. So obviously we are still active from the past 4 years and still goin stronger.

3.) How can you described your first demo called “Anatomy of massacre” and i know that your recording a new demo. how can you differentiate your new demo to the old demo?
The old demo is raw and has a weaker sound. Honestly, im not satisfied bout that shit. We always want a good and quality sound before but that’s all we have fuckin got. Our second demo probably kicks fuckin ass coz we have managed to get a good soundman and bad-ass equipments.

4.) Do you receive some feedback and comments to your listeners? what are those?
We have got a lot of good feedbacks bout that demo actually, but still the only thing that bothers them is the weak sound productions. Wait till they here the new one……..

5.) In your own brutal words. How can you describe your music?
Brutal straight forward in your face Death Fuckin Metal! Simple as that.

6.) What are the influences of Dysentery? Any local bands that influenced Dysentery?
We have been listening to a lot of Metal musick for a very long time but not in general. I like Heavy Metal like Judas Priest, Iron maiden , Thrash Metal like,Kreator,Sodom,Metallica(pre-Justice for all) but when it comes to musickal influence’s, we are all freakin out of early U.S. specially Floridian Death Metal bands like Monstrosity, Suffocation(RIP),and Malevolent Creation. Sorry we have no local influence.

7.) When Dysentery is performing on stage what are the reactions of the filipino metalheadz? Can you pls. describe to me the scene?
We are playing Brutal Death Metal, that’s why we are very aggressive on stage. We want to transfer what we feel when we are playing live and of course we dont want the crowd to just sit around like watchi’n T.V.

8.) How dedicated you are in Dysentery? How is it meant for you and to each and every member of Dysentery?
All in the band has a very strong bonding to each other. We have watch each and everyone in the band grow and breath metal of death. We have no plans to give up the band and go through our different lives but instead we just want to move things forward.

9.) Any plans to play here in manila with some great bands in davao?
If given the chance, Why not! We always want to play and bring our musick to the Underground masses overthere. If you know some organizer’s who are interested for us to play there, pls. do not hesitate to contact us. A tour with Al-Iblis, Decapitated,or Korihor would probably rule.

10. If your given a chance to tour here in our country. What placed would you liked to performed or what is the best placed for Dysentery?
Davao and Panabo-our neighboring city probably is the best place for Dysentery coz there’s a lot of true and dedicated metalhead’s that support the scene and our band. Maybe Luzon is a great place to invade, nah maybe later…………

11.) In an underground metal show in davao. Does the open venue show happen?
No, i dont know if that will happened here in Davao.As of now we are very satisfied in a small underground venue.

12.) How can you relate your music in your personality?
I dont have an idea how can i relate my music to myself, but the only thing i know im seriuosly and mentally ill in this kind of genre…ha..ha..ha..

13.) When you first played as a deathmetal band. do you think your spiritual beliefs and personality changed?
It did change in different ways actually. It almost destroye’d my life from the first time ive heard this albums, Suffocation-effigy of the forgotten Monstrosity-imperial doom Possesed-seven churches Death-individual thought patterns Morbid Angel- altars of madness Incantation-onward to golgotha

14.) How will you support your band and most specially in releasing some materials? Are there some people who help in Dysentery?
I do all the lyrics and answering the mails and stuffs.Boyet of Al-Iblis and Davaodeath help’s a lot in promotions etc. and we hail him for his effort in our band.

15.) I know that you support the underground metal. How long did you do it for the sake of the underground metal here in our country?
Ive been doin this kind of bussiness for a very long time and i still keep on supporting a lot of local band’s and zine. I also enjoy goin in underground Grincore gigs and stuffs.

16.) Aside from Dysentery you are also a member of the loose bound organization called Davao Death organization and you are also a gig organizer. as a gig organizer what is the best place/venue for an underground metal concert?
Actually we will release the second demo Through Davaodeath distribution with the help of Boyet and i hope things will be great. As an organizer the best place for an underground metal venue will be “Slackers” It is quite a large venue but the rent is cheap and also the beers are not that expensive.

17.) How supportive the Filipino metalheadz in Dysentery?
Things are doin fine with Filipino metalheads, i highly appreciate there support for Dysentery and the rest of our local bands. I think this is the time to support each other instead of backstabbing and stupid stuffs like that.

18.) Can you consider your band as a best death metal in Davao?
Not really, there are a lot of tight and trendkilling death metal bands here in Davao city including Al-Iblis,Decapitated and even Apokalips from Panabo. I cant wait to party with this guys once again this coming gig this oct.

19) Is there some discrimination in davao about the music or style of the band just like for example in the case of the fucking bullshit new metal do you consider it as a part of the Underground metal or it is just a disgrace? what can you say about that?
I think every underground metal scene has it own versios of discriminations. This is the most common problem in every scene and i dont give a damn shit bout this nonsense, what i mean is , you cant force them to stop critisizing in us in every single action. BUt the only thing is , the more they critisize, the more we work hard to be a better musicians. By the way what the hell is new metal? did they exist in the 80’s? Fuck! i dont give a single support in this trendsucking idiots. It’s just a simple worthless crap with distorted guitars and stupid stuff like that.

20.) What can you say to those bands that are changing their style?
Its there own live’s so why bother.

21.) I download your one song from “Davaodeath org.” website. It’s a totally raw and brutal and what a fucking growl voice you have (di ba sumasakit troat mo nyan)? hows the writing process of Dysentery? Is it music first before the lyrics?
Yeah its totally raw and my voice is deep grunting style and not this typical frog style ultra guttural vomit voice. We always write the musick first then we arrange it with the lyrics.

22.) This aint a question anymore. Thanks for some brutal answer. Hope till end Dysentery is always there for the Underground metal. The last fucking brutal words are yours?
I just want to thank you Adrian and the rest of Cult Mongers . Keep it sick Brother! and if anyone is interested bout Dysentery, pls. do not hesitate to write for more info and stuffs. Keep the underground METAL of DEATH alive……………….


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