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1.) Hi how’s everybody in EMBRYONIC DEVOURMENT ?
– Everyone is doing great, except for the fact that we are poor!! haha

2.) Of course the unfamiliar question :). Please tell us the band history, how’s the ED band formation?
– The band originally is a stem off of a project called Ye Old Skabbard with Me (Austin), Lauren, and Luke. That was in about 1999-2000. We sang songs about satanic pirates that inhabited the ocean. That band broke up and reformed 6 months later with the name Embryonic Devourment and a whole new outlook on brutal death/grind with members Lauren Pike (guitar) and Luke Boutiette (drums). After the band wrote a new set of songs and played a few shows, they re-added me – Austin Spence (Bass/vocals). Recently, we added Adam Weber on 2nd guitar.

3.) I heard that you have new release called Fear of Reality. Can you please tell somethin about that album? And what the listeners can expect in that album aside from sickness?
– There are a lot of new twists and turns and brutal stomping breakdowns as well. All the while keeping things very technical,fast, and brutallic – to a point of mental breakdown and new horizons formed. It’s and Overload of advanced sickness!

4.) Was it intentional to make a technical death metal music?
– No, we are just following our soul’s structure and ability to manifest itself in an artistic form. Even before i ever heard metal – i loved the Army, war, and Death. I loved to kill insects and watch horror movies. This has all been a natural progression for me, personally.

5.) Who are your influences in musical and non-musical?
– First and Foremost my Dad – Ronny Lee Spence. He played in various metals and rock projects and graduated from Musicians Institute. Early Metallica, Slayer, Death, Sepultura, Cannibal Corpse,Napalm Death, Suicidal Tendencies……later on came bands like Suffocation, Gorguts, Cryptopsy, Decrepit Birth, Braindrill, etc. Also recently, i have been listening to alot of Opeth…

6.) What is the best song ever written in ED all albums?
– It would be between Human Harvest or Fear of Reality….from the new release…

7.) So you guys already added another guitarist from mummification/OCCISION. Was he already performing in the new album?
– No, he is not on the new album. He joined 6 months after the recording. He is a sick and very skilled guitarist and will make any future shows and cd’s sound unrivaled. The newer materials we have been writing lately possess leads, harmonies, and intricate bi-rhythms.

8.) What are all your lyrics all about? And how do you guys wrote lyrics like that?
– Our lyrics are based on an ideal passed down by David Icke and Credo Mutwa (tribal leader). The ideal is that basically a reptilian race rules the world and manipulates our leaders. They drink the blood of virgin cunts and thrive on earthly materials such as oil and minerals…..gold,silver, etc. They have been ruling the world for millions of years and even helped to build the pyramids. If you would like to know more you will have to read “The Biggest Secret” by David Icke. We sing about some pretty tripped out stuff……the all Seeing Eye.

9.) What’s the difference of your new album to the previous one?
– New music and also a new engineer. The engineer for this recording is Matt Sotelo of Decrepit Birth and the engineer for the last cd was Juan Urteaga of the band Vile. Both Engineers have totally different styles and sound ideals.

10.) In your own words how can you described ED music and also on stage?
– When we play live we always try to put on a good visual aspect as well as musically. We headbang and talk evil poetry to the crowd…..blood.

11.) Any hobbies that you guys do aside from writing music and killer stuff?
– i like to Golf and smoke weed. Luke likes watching hockey and making pipes. Lauren likes to build things.

12.) Here’s the end of this interview thanks for your time. Anything to add or spit out in public?

I hope Bush loses this election! No more Bush!



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