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1.why enforsaken the name of the band and what is it mean to you?

We chose Enforsaken cause we wanted a unique name that no one else would come up with. Enforsaken is like opposing the standards of society.

2.what is the artwork of embraced by misery depict?

The cover is of a sinister looking nurse who is “recycling” the dead using advance technology or modern “black magic”.

3. what is your lyrical themes talk about?

The lyrics deal with dark subjects, such as suicide, depression, the “evils” of society, and solitude. Those are the general concepts from “Embraced By Misery”.

4. what inspired you to write a lyrical theme like this?

I didn’t write any of the lyrics on this album. From what understand they were inspired by emotional pain and suffering.

5. for me enforsaken is a technical melodic death metal. But some of your songs will be compared to carcass. is it the one who
influenced you to form the Enforsaken band? what can you say about that?

We write music like this naturally. This is the style we’ve always played, while progressing over the years. I’ve been inspired to play technical/melodic death metal for 12 years now. Carcass was a huge inspiration for me when I was growing up. They certainly revolutionized what deathmetal is today. I can’t say Carcass alone is the main inspiration for Enforsaken, but they are definitely part of the formula. We’re just trying to carry on the torch for extreme metal the Enforsaken way!

6. Your bonus track is came from the carcass right. why did you add it in your album?

We choose to cover Carcass “Incarnated Solvent Abuse” to pay tribute to a groundbreaking time for deathmetal and to show people where we are coming from. Sort of paying homage to your roots.

7. What is your favorite carcass album and why?

“Necrotism-Descanting the Insalubrious” is my favorite Carcass album. I remember freaking out when I first got that album. I called Steve Stell (guitarist Enforsaken) and played some of it on the phone and just saying “Check this shit out!” I was already a fan of Carcass, but at that time it sounded so fresh and fucking technical! I can’t believe that album is 11 years old! It was the third cd I bought when I switched from tapes to a cd player (The first 2 were Bolt Thrower and Asphyx) I remember a lot of the Carcass ‘purists” not liking the album cause it wasn’t as raw and grindcore like the first 2 albums. The 2nd track “Corporal Jigsore Quandary”. That song totally changed the way double bass is used in deathmetal today. No one was doing shit like that back then. Ah, the good ‘ole days. I used to play that album for people when it was new and they didn’t like it. Years later I see those same people getting into Carcass. It must have been to extreme for them at first? Now music like this is more commercially accepted. They can all fuck off.

8. When and where is your first gig and hows the fucking crowd when you played on stage?

We’ve played quite a few shows already. Our first gig was with Dismember. The more we play out the more we notice that people are getting into what we’re doing. Keep in mind that we do play a familiar European style, but no one is doing this melodic deathmetal in our area. We pretty much surprise everyone we play for.

9.Hows the metal scene doin in illinois?

Most Illinois deathmetal bands play a brutal style with guttural vocals and lots of blast beats and gore-infested lyrics. It has always been one of the strongest scenes in the midwest, but I’m hoping for a little more diversity in the future. One of my favorite upcoming bands from the area is Abolisher.

10. Do you have any message to the metal heads around the world?

If your looking for 100% metal then check us out. You can find us at www.enforsaken.com. Any one into metal fucking rules. Everyone else can suck it.

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