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1.)enigmatik was formed in 1996 right and you played power trash metal. so why did you intent to change your music? do you think that you’re more successful in a symphonic black metal?
Well, I guess that it was really what we had inside our minds and was the natural way to practice our art, under an ideological and musical angle. And I am sure that we are stronger in this domain.

2.)what are the influence of enigmatik?
I don’t want to mention names of bands we like. but our influences go from pagan to black metal without forgetting death heavy classical stuff,etc

3.)i think that a symphonic black metal is the one who dominates the metal scene in your country. do you agree with that. aside from black metal what kind of metal genres does your country have?
Why only in our country ??? Have you seen the international scene ?(ya! i know i only talkin’ about in your country – stone cold) Symphonic black meal bear and die as they came. In fact there is a lot of bands who tried to be symphonic and I said tried ’cause they often don’t reach… About us, we are no more a symphonic black metal band ’cause our keyboard player (eternal respects) left the band.

4.)what can you say to those bands that are underground turning into commercial band just like for example the Cradle of filth and the Dimmu Borgir?
About cradle I would say that they were excellent ’til “dusk..and her embrace” then … About dimmu what I can say is that they do not try to give always the same thing. they could have done 100 other album like “enthroned darkness triumphant” but they brought their art in other dimensions and that is respectful. Surely they are more commercial than with “For all Tid”, that I like a lot, but compared to some other bastards, the kept their integrity, even if their music is not as nderground as earlier.

5.)How did you make it to stay strong after so many bad thing happened in the band?
I Think we always believed in what we did and we have always had the will to go further with EnigmatiK. Above all we stay true with oourselves and know that things don’t fall on our heads without working and working and working.

6.)some black metal people don’t consider a symphonic black metal with female voice as a true and pure black metal. what’s your comments about that?
Well, first of all we have no more keyboards and I guess we will kick asses when we will be back in January 2003… About female vocals and synths. One thing to say FUCK OFF. I am a true black metal fan more than some can think, but, creation has no limit, we tried somthing which we found good, we did it and we don’t really care if people don’t consider it as true or not.

7.)in all of your record materials. why pale enchantress is the softest title of the band?
With Pale enchantress we tried to create something sad and dark. This song has not had a long life, About the lyrics it was a ver personal song for me that’s why it came out so soft, but very painful on a psychological angle.

8.) End of fucking interview is here. Any last words?
Thank you for your interest. Hailz to all the fans and especially to my brother Sathorias. Hysgarth(Imperial vocals and lead guitars)


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