Exitus – Let Them Rot (Demo 2015)

October 8, 2017 by  
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Another promising band from the Philipines, Exitus. Isn’t it an odd name? Well, what’s not odd is the music they play – nasty, grim and untamed Metal. Demo 2015 is a wicked brew of South American BM,  Thrash & Punk.

“Let Them Rot” has an impressive 4 songs. Catchy riffs, belligerent mood, and chaotic environment(since it was recorded live). Songwriting/arrangement is similar to international bands who also plays or worship this kind of Metal. Has been out for quite a while now and it would be great to hear the release after this. Demo-2016 is at hand right now and I will create another post for that.

It’s worth adding this to your CD collection. Ask or it, below is the band details.

Exitus are:

Jaggi Alcantara – Bass

Jay Orosa – Vocals,Guitars

Melvin Villarba – Drums

Contact: exitusdeathtoall@gmail.com




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