Feast of Corpses – Sudden Death

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feastofcorpsesSudden Death Album has a 10 brutal technical death metal with a running time of 35 minutes tracks including the operatic horror intro. entitled Entree of Garlic Roasted Eyeballs. This album is a self-released and i can say that the recording is clear and professionally recorded.

The best tracks that i like most in this sudden death album are:

Hideous Crime Scenes Track start with a pig squealing vocal and blast beat drumming and fast technical riffs and suddenly will change the vocal style to scream and brutal. This track has some groovy feeling as well.

Autopsy of a Rotten Corpse starts with an intro explaining about insicion and then enters a technical riffing with a blast beat drumming. Torturing screaming vocal that’s supported with a pig squealing vocal style. This track is really brutal and fast, I like how the guitar riffs executed in terms of technicality.

Eternal Pain track has a thrash metal style with a blast beat drumming and fast guitar riffs mixed with a brutal and screaming vocals.

In overall their song structures has a 3 different style from technical, groovy, brutal, thrash and blast beat on each tracks. Vocals has a different style as well from, pig squeal,brutal and scream. Their lyrical theme are all about death, gore torturing and killing.

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