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1) Hi how’s everyone in flesh consumed?
– Everyone is doing great over here Adrian! Our debut album “Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate” is about to drop and I got a new line up. We’ve never been so tight!

2) Can you please tell cult mongers readers about the band formation of flesh consumed?
– I started up the band in 2003, before getting a chance to record an EP we disbanded. I reconstructed the band with all new members in late 2005. Recorded the “Inhuman Butchery” EP, got signed to Sevared Records, reconstructed the band once again, recorded the “Fermented Slaughter” EP, put out the “Fermented Slaughter/Inhuman Butcher” double EP on Sevared Records, played shows, wrote and recorded the “Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate” full length on Sevared Records, played Cali-Deathfest and reconstructed the band once again. With the new line up we are now in the position to dominate.

3) Who are your influences? Musical and Non Musical?
– Most of my inspiration is summoned from non-musical elements, such as horror or sci-fi movies, the book “Seth Speaks”, my wife, family, friends, my Surroundings, the cosmos, etc. I am also influenced by non death metal genres of music. I try to adapt the techniques, structures, and progressions I hear into a death metal setting. I think if you look in your own genre too much for inspiration you might be influenced to sound like someone else, but there are some select bands that have tremendous influence in my life such as Immolation.

4) About to new full length album. What will be the fans and the sick listener will expect on that?
– I think our fans will be very satisfied with this release, we put everything we had into the album and you can hear it in the music. It is an extremely dynamic album. It’s got blasting, groove, technicality, dark melodies, and is structured around brutality.

5) What re the lyrics all about in this new full length album?
– We’ve got subjects involving cannibalism, torture, schizophrenia, Armageddon, the underground human meat market and all that good stuff.

6) Can you please tell something about the writing process of flesh consumed and who mostly write the lyrics in Flesh Consumed?
– Usually the drummer and I will do most of the writing and the others will pitch in a riff here or there. Alex and I wrote most of “Mutilate, Eviscerate, Decapitate” and all of the “Fermented Slaughter” EP either I would present a riff, he a beat, or we would improvise for ideas.

7) Your music has a melodic and technical atmosphere,was it intentional to add melodic and technical touch in your music?
– I didn’t want it to be melodic initially but as I progressed as a musician I started to add more dark and evil melodies. I have always been interested in writing brutal music with some technicality.

8) Why flesh consumed named of the band?
– I have always been fascinated with cannibalism. Don’t you think an athletic human could produce some tender fillets? The catch might be a little harder though…haha

9) How can you described the crowd when you guys playing in the stage? Is there some rumble happening because of the flow of your music?
– I’ve gone through so many line up changes that each separate line up gives off different energy. Our new line up is definitely going to fucking destroy!!

10) How long is FLESHCONSUMED now in the Gore grind industry and Flesh consumed seems like has a great fucking member’s line up. What can you say about that?
– We’ve been in the death metal industry since 2003 but didn’t get signed until early 2006. The new line up is solid as a rock, so I would definitely have to say this is the most punishing manifestation.

11) How can you say a band is true underground metal and not a poser?
– Listen to it, read the lyrics, and make a decision.

12) Who made the killer artwork for your album? It’s a really fucking killer art man?
– P.Timm- He’s an amazing artist and a fucking sick dude from San Jose, California. Our “Fermented Slaughter/Inhuman Butchery” EP was the first gory album art that he had done. All his work is amazing though. He is very smooth and has great ideas. Check his work out at www.ptimm.deviantart.com

13) what was the feeling playing in a show with the band line up like this Devourment, Guttural Secrete, and Artery Eruption. Can you tell something about the show? I’m sure that was a killer show?
– It was Devourment’s first California show ever, so it was an honor to be on that one. All those bands destroyed and even though there was some last minute venue changes it was a blast.

14) How did you guys contact sevared records? And what was the Deal between sevared records and Flesh Consumed?
– After the “Inhuman Butchery” EP was released, I started shopping it out to labels and a few were interested. We went with Sevared because Barrett is great to work with and I dig the bands he signs. As far as our deal goes, that’s between Barrett and Flesh Consumed, but he definitely gave us a great deal.

15) After the release of your double EP you guys already sold 100’s of copies worldwide? Is it not hard to find a label to promote albums and shit like that?
– Actually, the label, and Flesh Consumed have gone through at least 1000 copies. Sevared does a great job at promoting us in smaller countries that wouldn’t normally hear of us. I think labels like Sevared keep underground death metal alive.

16) What’s Fleshconsumed ideology in terms of music and in life?
– Try to constantly grow as a musician, as a person, and stand up for your beliefs.

17) When did you start creating music like this and how did you become obsessed in metal music?
– I started getting into heavy music around 10 years of age. Once I heard Morbid Angel’s Covenant I knew my calling was death metal. Since then I’ve been searching for heavier and more brutal music.

18) Are you into anti Christian or in some occult shit?
– Everyone has different beliefs in Flesh Consumed. I believe in multi-dimensional reality, which means I got multiple personalities going on simultaneously (If interested check out “Seth Speaks” by Jane Roberts). I also have neo-pagan beliefs. I don’t believe in gods and goddesses like many pagans, but I believe the appreciation of the earth is vital. I guess you could call me a sci-fi pagan… haha

19 ) for how long do you think flesh consumed will stay together?
– Until we have said everything that needs to be said and done everything that needs to be done. I don’t see us accomplishing that until at least five or six solid albums are out, but then again, I’m sure I’ll have even more to say at that point in my life, so who knows. I will probably stop in Death or Armageddon.

20) Here’s the end of this interview thanks for your time answering this. Anything you would like to add?
Thanks Adrian, keep up the good work spreading the sickness in the underground.



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