Fördärv – Between the Eterneties(2014)

September 2, 2014 by  
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“Between the Eternities” promo CD was sent to me by Katya of Nigredo record. It’s a new label from Sweden and it seems that is concentrating on releasing Fordarv materials, Maybe.. Need to ask her for more details..

“In Between..” were played with conviction, honesty and full of hate, It was a glorification of Scandinavian old school black metal. Basically, all my favorite spirits in the music such as wicked atmospheres and riffs, evil melodies, raging blast beats and hellish screams were very well unveiled here. The promo cd has 6 tracks in it, song structure, it’s changing from fast to slow and vice-versa.  I really liked all the fast parts here, it’s rough and aggressive!  On the other hand, Slow parts were good too! It’s really epic and it’s already expected as Swedes are known for that kind of wicked tune.

As I’ve said earlier, this release was a conventional one, but I really liked what I’ve heard and it’s brought back memories of the early years. It sounded good to my ears and that’s what matters most to me!






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