Foreshadow – The Stranger End of Death

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foreshadowForeshadow is a band hailing from tampa florida, USA. Consists of 4 members Daniel “Corkscrew” McConaghy-vocals, Aaron Robinson-guitars, Jon McDonald-drums, and Maggot-Bass. The Stranger End of Death is theirs latest EP which was release last year 2012 by ForeShadow. This Ep contains 8 hellish tracks including 3 live tracks. Their music style are ranging from black, death, brutal, thrash and some heavy metal. I can say the track “The Meaning of Life” is the best song in this EP, perfectly done and excellent music style. For all metal heads who loves dimmu borgir, lamb of god, dark tranquility. This Foreshadow’s “The Stranger End of Death EP” is yours.

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