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This is only a Partial Interview. You can see the full interview in our print copy don’t be shy to order with us.

CULT MONGERS: It seems that all Swedish acts like At the Gates, Dissection, and Arch Enemy had been fused together to your music that led to the creation of this Mighty album “Manifest of hate”, what’s your comment?

NICKE: Well, we all listen to so many different kinds of metal and the inspirational sources are many. Everything is about the mood you´re in, I never listen to only brutal or only melodic metal. For me it´s good or bad music, if you would deny some of the very good bands out there just because it doesn´t fit to what you are supposed to listen to, then I must say that it´s a big loss. Fuse that together and you may have one point of why our sound is so diverse. But we never think of it, we only love to play brutal music and the CD you´ve heard is the result of five minds cooperating to do what we all love, and that is Metal!!!

C.M: How are you Nicke and the rest of the band? Is the line-up still the same since it’s formation?
N: We formed the band in -97, back then as Septic Breed. After the recording of the first demo, “Patterns Of Delusive Design”, two members were replaced by Anders Sjöholm and Michael Håkansson. With this line-up we recorded one more demo called “Reaper”, the demo that got us hooked to Century Media Records. And we recorded our debut album, “Manifest Of Hate. Unfortunately Michael had to leave the band before the recording of our second album, “Arts Of Desolation”, because of his duties with Evergrey. Two months ago we found a new bass player, Stefan Berg, who is now a permanent member in The Forsaken clan.

C.M: How important is technicality in Forsaken’s Music?
N: Not that important. As long as the songs we compose is of a high calibre and that the performance is satisfying we don´t hesitate to record the songs. Of course, we all love technical metal and that may be inspirational and colouring the songs.

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