Frostagrath – A Journey of Infinite Sorrow (2013)

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Frostagrath is the creation of Lord Mist who lives in Egypt. As all of you know it’s one of the Chaotic country in this Planet and imagine the sorrows it brings to it’s people. I really thought that was the motivation of Lord Mist but no.. It’s more of a personal issues..

“A Journey of Infinite Sorrow” is a farewell anthem to those who had lost hope already and just want to end their existence. The full length has 6 solitary tracks and every notes of the instruments were  a harsh portrayal of one’s soul hardships in life.  Lord Mist knows his craft very well… He managed to create every possible tormenting sounds from his guitar, keyboard, drums and especially for his Vocals, I’m not sure if he’s really singing on this record because the singing was more like a tortured cries that asking for help.  Guitar and keyboards depressive melodies will take you into another point in time where in you can reflect and decide what to do with your boring life and at that point in time the suicidal hymns were playing.. Not sure though with the drums if it’s programmed or it’s Lord Mist pounded the kit, but it doesn’t really matter because the slow to mid paced execution of the drums  fits the music very well.

It’s my first time to listen to a DSBM in it’s entirety and what an amazing introduction there by Frostagrath.  I was hooked! Looking forward to the band’s next release.. Please contact the band if you’re interested.










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