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This is only a Partial Interview. You can see the full interview in our print copy don’t be shy to order with us.

Cult Mongers: How are you Taiti, surely Frozen Tears music will surely recall or relive those heavy metal days back then?

Taiti: Well, I hope. Heavy metal is still alive and we are the classic example that also young bands can propose this kind of music, naturally with a better and more heavy sound that in the past. We propose this music since 1997 and I hope we will continue to play for many years.

C.M: .After the recording of the cd “Way of Temptation” why Leonardo Cipriani had been substituted by Mirko Serra?
T: It is not correct to say that Leonardo Cipriani had been substituted. He left the band ’cause he haven’t >all the necessary time to dedicate to the band. We re still friends and something he help us in the promotion of the cd.

C.M: How is it working with Gabriele Ravagla , the one who produced your cd?
T: Did he also produce your second demo “wasteland”? Gabry is a very good sound technician and it’s very funny to work with him. We recorded to fear studios our second demo Wasteland and our first cd Mysterious Time. I really hope to have the possibility to work with him in the future. He is also a good guitar player.If you like hard rock try to listen his cd with Bad Ambition.

C.M: Currently how is it working with Megahard records?
T: Our contact was for the realisation of two cd. Now we have to talk with Megahard and then we have to decide what is better for us. Personally I thinked to have a better promotion with Way of a temptation. Actually I don’t know what we will do.

C.M: What was the reaction local and foreign scene from your cd “Way of Temptation”?
T: Very good. In Italy the cd is out since the 16 September and we have received many good reviews in the most important Italian magazines and also in Brazil and Greece. I can’t say nothing about sales ’cause we have still to talk with our label to know the results of this first period.

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