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1.) How’s the Human Mastication in davao metal scene city right now?

Gee – We are doin alright eventhough we are struggling with a lot of hindrances like finances. And arranging some songs for our upcumming release.

2.) Can you tell somethin about the bands bio. to know more. coz it’s the first time you’ve been featured in our zine?

Gee – Human Mastication was formed in late 2002… With the original members of Gian on Drums, Jay on Guitars, Siloy on Bass and Gee on Vocals.. Rodney left the band to focus on his hardcore band. Then the band talked to Nosferatu’s Drummer Gian to fill the empty post. After we recorded our 6 demo songs, Gian left the band due to time conflict and other priorities.. And our original drummer Rodney came back to fill the drumkit. I think that’s all!!!

3.) What are the bands influences and why those bands?

Gee – I can’t tell about our main influences… We have many different styles. But we have a lot of influences in US death metal style…

4.) Can you tell somethin about the writing process? especially in 1st track it was a fucking headbanging moment?

Gee – I actually do the writing and composing stuffs, while my other bandmates do the riffs and drumwork. The lyrics are purely contextual to our beliefs, nothing more… nothing less.

5.) When human mastication playing live? How can you described your band?

Gee – We don’t know yet! We will see this Cumming month of May or June… What do you mean!? Our musick!? I can describe our musick simply as Brutal death metal with a lot of groove with some ultra sick heavy hardcore parts!!! That’s it!!!

6.) Does the full-length album already in action? What can we expect and the metal fanatic about that?

Gee – Yes, We are now working for our full-length! I think it will be finished later part of this year. And hope we can find a label to release this fucking material. All I can say is expect more Pulverizing Groove Brutality!!!

7.) In your own opinion how many bands do you think that are true to the davao city metal scene. And for you how can you say that the band is a true to the scene and not a disgraced or ‘yung mga hanggang umpisa lang at yung magagaling kunwari’?

Gee – I can’t answer your question about Davao City Metal Scene because I think I’m not the right person to answer your question… Please ask someone who knows about the bands in Davao City or ask Boyet of DAVAO DEATH METAL DISTRO… I think he can answer your question…

8.) Don’t get fucked at this question coz your from davao. Some people there says that Philippine metal scene is known by the place davao city and Philippine is also known for the rip-off country because of davao city also and your place is the one who puts our country in a shame state worldwide? What’s your comment about that? Is there some actions about that?

Gee – I don’t really like to comment about this! I know that there are many “rip-off people” existing here in my area. And I don’t mind their business!!! Because I know that no one can stop these people! My opinion about these guys is that they think they are superior if they can rip you off!!! And we have nothing to do with these guys!!!

9.) How’s the underground trading scene there in Davao city. After the rip-off scum happened in our country and most especially in your place?

Gee – Refer to my answer in question No. 8

10.) This question is not related in metal stories. Can you briefly tell somethin about the Davao Death squad there? Is it true that they are connected to your mayor? I’m just curious about it?

Gee – The Davao Death Squad or DDS is a notorious group doing summary killings of small-time drug peddlers and addicts. Davao has once been threatened by their actions, but since only those who uses and sells illegal drugs are targets of this group… And also they have many innocent victims. I think people in Davao got used to news about brutally murdered addicts, even if some of them are minors. There are rumors that the mayor himself is supporting/financing the said group, but it remained unconfirmed due to lack of evidences. . .

11.) O.k. Heres the fucking end of this interview. Anything to masticate and spit out my friend?

Gee – Thanks a lot for your total support and time in doing this interview with Human Mastication… I wish you the best for your zine!!! Stay sick and Brutal!!!! To all Sick people Reach Human Mastication at

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