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1. Ok, How are you Bruno? Still a deadly trio?

-Yes, we are. To be honest, first 2 years of HYPNOS I always tried to find 2 guitar players to build 4-pieces band coz it is simply the best line-up but actually we had all the time problems to find at lest 1 good guitarrist. At the moment we are 3, me, drummer PEGAS and guitarrist MILLS. But many live shows ALEX from death metal bands PANDEMIA is joining us
and this line up is really cool. I love to play with these guys….

2. Who decided to name the band Hypnos? What does it mean?

-I found it on the debut album of PUNGENT STENCH, they had a song Hypnos there…they named us. HYPNOS is ancient greek God of sleep…..by the way, next month we do 3 shows with PUNGENT STENCH over Czech Rep. and Slovakia so we are pretty looking forward.

3. What happened to Krabathor? Any particular incident that led to its demise?

-Just usual personal problems between two main persons, some childish competitional background etc. bla bla bla bla. I left coz atmosphere there was really bad. HYPNOS is my main interest and it makes me happy. I do it the way I want and we all have a fun. That’s important.

4. In your own opinion what makes “Revenge Ride” musically advanced than in “Blood we trust”?

-Sound and song structures, they are a bit more complicated.

5. I believe Bruno that when you are still in Krabathor the lyrical theme is all about Politics and oppression, Right now in Hypnos what was your Lyrical theme?

-More or less I continue also with my lyrics but on the last album there are a few just imaginary lyrics (Journey Into Doom, I am The Wind…), very abstract, nothing concrete, just fine words that fits to music, its atmosphere.

6. The cover artwork in” The Revenge Ride” is an unusual cover for a death metal band while in the “In Blood we trust” it matured, it has more power and it really represents death metal, do you agree with me?

-It is a matter of personal opinion, we all like the way or our front covers coz it symbolize our band even from a first look. I wanna make something significant for us and covers are all the time very important.

7. What was the first record you ever bought? and what was the feeling afterwards when you listen to it?

-Ufff, I don´t really remember. I started to record blank tapes when I was about 12 years old….some disco stuff and also some heavy metal. My first metal bands recorded on tape were IRON MAIDEN, ACCEPT, JUDAS PRIEST, DEEP PURPLE, SCORPIONS and several more.

8. How’s your local scene? Any unsigned bands that was worth to mention especially in the genre of death metal?

As everywhere pretty large. If you are interested in our scene, I recommend you to check out bands like KRABATHOR, ROOT, SILENT STREAM OF GODLESS ELEGY, INSANIA, GODLESS TRUTH, PANDEMIA, FLESHLESS, DISFIGURED CORPSE, SABATHORY, COWARD, FORGOTTEN SILENCE, MELANCHOLY PESSIMISM and many more

9. Since your first album named “Revenge Ride”, what was your form of revenge, you like to get even by fighting or by letting karma do it?

This is our second album and it should demonstrate our musical revenge to all who don’t like us and stand against us as our enemies. This is our war!

10. When did you actually became interested in underground, I mean the tape trading, fanzines and any other? Had you encounter a ripped off then?

Around 1991 year, I had some letter correspondence even back in 1986-1988 years, but mostly in Czech and with no idea what underground means.

11. Who are your personal influences?

Music generally, life generally, everything around me. But of course, my biggest influence are extreme metal acts….these days bands like EMPEROR, SATYRICON, MAYHEM, GRIEF OF EMERALD, IMMORTAL, HATE ETERNAL, VOMITORY, DIMMU BORGIR, TYPE O NEGATIVE etc.

12. How’s the Government there in your country lately, any oppression you want to mention,what about censorship? What are the advantages and disadvantages of being a multiparty republic?

We don’t really have any problems with censors as far as we are not too problematic band. And our republic is not as multipartial, just 2 biggest leading politic parties….usual thing. I don’t use to waste too much of my power into politics, I know much better things…..

13. Ok, can you pls. Tell us the future plans of Hypnos?

Live shows and some European tour finally. Next year we would like to release new album.

14. Bruno Thank you for the interview, last words are yours?

For more info visit: http://hypnos-cz.com/


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