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Cult Mongers: how are you Jhan?

Jhan: I just woke up.

Cult Mongers: can you please give some info about your new band?

Jhan: My new band is called “In Excelsis”, still a one-man band. In contrast to “Gaeldorn Jhan”, it’s somewhat more audible. The music has been taken into another level, so to speak, with more intricate rhythm sections except that the raw resonance is still maintained which creates a bridge between the two. Maturity and development intact with supersonic battering is how I would describe In Excelsis.


Cult Mongers: Tripalium Zine described your music before as Barbaric Grinding Metal and now how can you described your music? And why you shift from another style?
Jhan: As I have stated above, the music has been taken into another level which is obvious in the denser song arrangement & the more critical and significant lyrics. It’s a little different from before although the essence is still there. I wanted to move and create something different from what I did in the past. Besides, it was a tiring process and it stagnates me as a musician. Another reason is egocentricity has taken its toll on me. I’ve reached the point where creating music isn’t just about having a good time anymore.


Cult Mongers: is there no doubt in your mind your mind that you change your style? And you killed your first band Gaeldorn Jhan, anyway is it already dead?
Jhan: No, there’s no second thoughts or whatever. Yes, Gaeldorn Jhan is long dead.


Cult Mongers: how long have you been in this kind of Underground Metal industry?
Jhan: I would say not that. When I was at the recording stage of Gaeldorn Jhan I was still in the process of studying how to produce my own stuff. Basically, that’s about 5 years ago.


 Cult Mongers: hows the Metal scene there in your place? Can you described the scene there.

Jhan: If we’re talking about the Metal scene, as far as I know, there’s none at all. Well. there are a few bands that play Metal, but most of them are suffering from superiority complex. Hence, creating some barriers. If there’s any “scene”, it’s all but a façade. DSR (Deadstring Records) is trying to change things around here, but I guess it would take a while to make the dream a reality. My work with DSR is more on the internal process, recording, mixing, etc. Setting up a scene is not on my agenda.


Cult Mongers: about your new stuff, is it already out what do you think will be the out come of your new stuff?

Jhan: No, it’s not out yet. I’m hoping to finish it early 2005. I’ll be recording some more materials when I’m off school for the holidays. The finished product will be quite a surprise to some people who have heard my older stuff. It will be a drastic musical change.

Cult Mongers: in an underground music artist like you, whats the reaction when some Metal freaks don’t like your stuff after they hear it or the bad feedback from the scene in short?

Jhan: So far I haven’t had any bad responses with Gaeldorn Jhan, except that it was too raw. It was more of an advice on the mixing approach. Gaeldorn Jhan wasn’t distributed properly, so there’s not much feedback going on except for the good ones. In Excelsis will probably have a taste of both sides of criticism.


Cult Mongers: is it difficult to be as a 1 man band? Can you please tell something about the mixing process, writing process and medium you use?

Jhan: No, not all. I prefer it this way ‘cos I am free to choose which ever direction I want to take my music. The mixing process is simple – I plug my guitar, bass and mic, do a little tweaking to get the sound right, then that’s it. When it’s all recorded to my pc that’s the time I adjust the levels and frequencies of the recorded stuff. I don’t do any advance technique or whatever procedures. The writing process starts with a riff then I’ll program the drums and see how it sounds and from there the song arrangement comes in. Sometimes the lyrics go first. That’s probably the best way I can describe it. The medium that I use would be guitar, bass and a PC for drums, mixing and recording.


Cult Mongers: in your own opinion how can you rate your self as a musician?

Jhan: I wouldn’t do any numerical ratings on myself, all I know is I know what I want and I know how to get it. I don’t follow any theoretical frameworks on my songs. I do as I please.


Cult Mongers: about the influences who are they? And why?

Jhan: Cliff Burton would probably be my biggest influence though the audibility of my music is in question since I have been venturing to a lot of Metal sub-genres and some other esoteric music for a long period of time now. It’s really hard to put into words, but all I can say is Cliff contributed a lot in elevating (not only Metallica) the standards of Metal. Another thing is he felt deeply about his music and he bangs his head like a madman which I find really cool.


Cult Mongers: ok heres the last now my mind is already empty now. Anything you’ll like to add or to spit out from the scene?
Jhan: In Excelsis demo entitled “Monstrum in Aenima”, will be out early 2005. Any zines interested you can email me at I appreciate the support, Adrian! Thanks and more power to your zine. Memento Mori!

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