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CULT MONGERS: How are you Curtis? What’s new in your band Infliction?

CURTIS: What’s up Gerald. We just finished playing the GATHERING OF THE SICK death metal fest in New Mexico, and are doing a local show here next Friday. We’ve also been concentrating on writing our new material for our next CD.

C.M: You had been in the underground scene since 1989, what are your comments in U.G. scene in Texas and worldwide since then?
C: Luckily Texas has always had a great underground scene. It was strong before and it’s still going strong today. Worldwide the same thing. I think it is much stronger than in America as a whole. America in general has it’s ups and downs for the UG scene.

C.M: You’re former band was Sacred Fate, did it release any demo or album?
C: They released a demo after I quit playing with them. At the time I was playing in OVERDOSE with Ben. OVERDOSE was the band that led us to DISORDER.

C.M: Then in 1991 you brought in Guitarist Ronnie and change moniker to Disorder, why the change and any releases from this moniker?
C: When we brought in Ronnie we started becoming a lot faster and more technical in our song writing. OVERDOSE was great band but since we changed we changed our name too. Ronnie was a brilliant musical mind and a great person. We never recorded anything as DISORDER until Ramon joined.

C.M: In your previous band I believe that your still playing thrash metal? Do you think that if Ronnie was still alive today you will still playing the genre of thrash metal?
C: That’s a very good question. At that time death metal was just coming out strong. We were really into early SEPULTURA, DEATH and VIO-LENCE and past all the MEGADETH, METALLICA, etc. so we were already headed into death metal. The thing that took Ronnie and Ben to get used to was guttural vocals. But we had already started changing that way. I guess in that sense, if Ronnie was still alive we would be doing death metal much like we’re doing today.

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