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1.)can you pls. give me a brief description of your New release Kult Razor?
-l- Sadistik warhailz hellbrother Adriaanne and to all Satanik readers of the mighty Cult Mongers ‘zine. I should infernally thank you for giving us a chance to vomit forth our scream of blasphemy and abhorrence through this deadly publication of yours. As for your first raging question, “Kult Razor” was released by the mighty Japanese label, Deathrash Armageddon Rex on kult 12”mlp hell-format with a limited bloody hand numbered copies of a thousand. DA Rex is just a new infernal label that pledges to support only the rawest form of Metal hellocaust. Yuki’s (Label owner) releases would definitely not meant for commercial ears so expect raw steelshredding opuses from his deadly kamp. Actually, we are the first infernal roster under his fiery belt and he needed more sons of chaos to be part of our demonik propagandas. Thus, I encourage all worthy khristormentor maniaks to summon him! This kult gem is the re-released of our raw, marysodomizing, christannihilating debut demo “Innocent Deist” with new priestkilling cover hellustration done by warbrother Erick Neyra of the migthy Peruvian blasphemous force, GOAT SEMEN.
We have another venomous extermination coming this early November (Out by the time this interview printed), the long delayed “Warmageddon” 7”ep will soon annihilate the weak masses! So prepare your ears to bleed! This time it’s our French hellbrother Shaxul and the rest of his mighty comrades from LEGION OF DEATH Rex are responsible for this mass murdering assault! KORIHOR will take no responsibility if the listeners take major ear operation or planted bomb to their local churches! All complains should be forwarded to Shaxul as he’s the main brain of this monstrous explosion.

2.)when and how did you realize that your not comfortable in the christian world?do you have some spiritual experiences?
-l- I don’t believe in spiritual bullshhits! This is one of the biggest lies the stupid religion thought to their stupid followers. There is no fucking life after death and that is the truth! I rather believe in scientific side as it has concrete evidences that is base in observations and experiments. Believing in a scripture that is more likely a story telling, fantasies or a myth is an act of a brainless assholes. My rebellion towards christianity started at the time I questioned the god existence, and not to mention the huge influence of C.Darwin’s theorem at my early age.

3.)Can you consider your beliefs in Satan a straight and strong?
-l- I have my own Satanik ideologies, II follow no rule as I believe that true evil has no boundaries. To believe in Satan as a powerful being is like believing jesus christ or the so called gods. These fucking christians created that biblical character to scare people, and to believe in him is the same as believing in that bullshit fictional scripture. Reading Satanik books is one of my fields of interest, most of their rules has something in common which is individualism. Like I said above I follow no rules, but there are some exceptions and I wouldn’t take it as a simple rule but as self-discipline to be a stronger person. The most important of these “self-discipline” I’m mentioning is don’t ever lie to yourself! The sole reason why I still exist in this round shit we called earth is because I still have something to prove to myself and myself alone. I trusted no one aside from me and myself is my true comrade and my own god! Defining Satan as a symbol or representation of lust, death, wickedness etc. is like defining myself. As simple as that, Its very basic, I represented Satan thus I worship Satan!!!

4.)Do you believe that time will come Heaven will turn to dust.what’s your comments about that?
-l- If you mean the literal meaning of Heaven as the paradise for the sinless, I don’t believe that it will turn to dust as it never exist and will never fucking exist! But to define heaven as a symbol of purity, it would definitely ruined and totally vanished! The time would tell that.. The modern technology would be the biggest influence for this great wonderful event.. How great it’s to live in a world where no one has been controlled by his or her stupid faith! That will come soon!

5.)being as a satanist is to blaspheme the christian world. for you how blasphemous is korihor in terms of your music and into your real life?
-l- The musical (if its right to call iit that way) side of KORIHOR has a war, raging, violent, aggressive and a raw hell-concept, we wouldn’t slow down for the sake of being melancholic shit.. It’s the perfect forceful hymn to backup our hellish lines. The grandeur of our blasphemy can be found in our lines of torments. It’s up to you deciding the intensity of our eternal war against the khristendom! It’s like a nuclear bomb being dropped in the heart of Vatican! Each army in our demonik platoon practices our infernal lyrics. We have our own world, we don’t belong to the society…Our eternal hatred towards the bullshit christianism is always on fire!! We cursed christian pigs!! Personally, I live in a different dimension (a blasphemous Metal dimension), I hate talking with normal people and I don’t go to social party except for Metal related gathering.. The same goes to brainless self-proclaimed metal heads, its like a torment on me to hear their ridiculous principles and bullshit taste.. I fucking hate this country as I’m surrounded with mega-tons of posers and feeble christians!!!

6.)what’s your lyrics all about? does it relate to every members of korihor?
-l- I guess we briefly covered it abovee.. Just to ad some points.. Actually, there are two morbid lyricist writing the warkoholik propagandas, I and Abhor (axe of torment).. Our lines of savagery has different approach, it depends on our christmutilating mood.. Abhors style is more likely a poetic type, that deals with blasphemy and personal stuff.. I couldn’t talk much about his creation as it mostly has double meanings. Mine is the in your face approach, the real things in the field of war, blasphemy and christian annihilation.. It just simply exterminates and penetrates… Just ask for the words of torment from our deadly kamp and draw your own infernal conclusion..

7.) how’s the deal between deathrash armageddon label and Korihor about the “Kult Razor” mlp?
-l- We don’t have a major deal with DEAATHRASH ARMAGEDDON and LEGION OF DEATH Rex, It’s all about fucking brotherhood!! A black blood bonding of barbarik metal maniaks!! But of course we got royalties with those venomous releases.. The sick owners of these ferocious labels knows and chose who are they dealing with!! Its about true fucking underground thing!!! They don’t signed bands just to make money, they are true underground fucking supporters that deals with more obscure hordes!! They are kult vinyl labels with limited quantity releases!! They are the underground elite and their releases is destined only for the elite!! Never contact them if you’re just asking for promo copies, instead of crying just buy it!!

8.) I know that you have also another band called Maniak. is it a side project or what? how can you described the music of Maniak?
-l- MANIAK consist of KORIHOR members tthat exekutes Sadistik Raw Old School Trashing Black Metal.. We have a Demo CD available and its probably the last one.. We established MANIAK at the time we’re having a line-up problem with KORIHOR. But at this demonik period, we’ll put MANIAK on ice, as the deadly Satanik battalion of KORIHOR is ready to explode with a new front man, which we’ll announce soon.

9.)Ok here is the end of this fucking interview, darkest thanks of Cult Mongers zine is yours. Any blasphemous words to say?
-l- Unholy Fuckrist!! That’s it? Anywayy, It’s a great pleasure to be featured on the hell-pages of the infamous CULT MONGERS ‘zine!! Keep doing this anti-khristian activity of yours and always distance yourself from the trend, christians, filipinocrabmentalitybullshit, open-minded assholes, brainless self-proclaimed metalheads, pretenders, fucking commercialism, posers and normal people!! The true underground is the law!!! Debut album will be recorded early next year so expect our bulletblazing debut album very soon!!! We also have a new vocalist, thus expect more monstrous, savage, notorious black blood vomit of atomic wrath!!!!

Helleastern brother, Obispo

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