Kult of Satanachiia – Promo 2008

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This Kult was the first Black Metal band on North Africa.  I couldn’t believe that metal  exist on this part of this hemisphere but here they are to crush my stupid belief.  Promo 2008 has 4 songs that was played in the olden BM style.  Nothing outstanding here but if you’re keen then read on.

“Beyound” is the first song and it’s at par with Darkthrone, Immortal and Vondur. Very primitive sounding, fast and chaotic. Vocal works were of screams and growl which were good.  One of the highlights of this promo are the  Guitar and bass works.. It’s very creative.  “Into” again was aggressive, I liked the song structure here because it’s more memorable  and a better song structure.  The blowing of the wind and evil guitar finger picking initiated the song “On Ancient”. Man, that intro was very dark! As i listen further it turns out that this is a less than 3 mins instrumental track. The bass work really complements the guitar and a spoken words which was done in a back masking way made the track more sinister. “Forgotten ” is the 4th track and it’s a live recording from a gig in their hometown. The set was very chaotic and Lord Igret bass was very loud on the set.

It’s just a shame that this promo didn’t have a decent distribution before. But,   If you’re interested please contact the band and i think they can provide you a copy of this..


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