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1.)How’s everybody in Lapida’s grave?
Everybody is doin fine. hi to all readers of Cult Mongers!

2.)Can you pls. tell somethin bout the band?
Lapida is a Davao city based Death Metal band with members from
Dysentery and Trissect Endocardium-Brutal Death Metal. we have already released a 2003 3 song Demo. the band has also played several Metal gigs along with bands like Korihor,Al-Iblis,Human Mastication,Cremation etc.

3.)why is it that lapida and some bands there in Davao are always influenced by U.S. deathmetal?
because U.S. Death Metal plays more Straighter and Simple. bands like
Malevolent Creation. Suffocation.Death for example. we also like
European bands like Pestilence and Vader and south American bands like Krisiun and others. i think it is not always American bands influnced Davao city. i know you heard a lot from Korihor and other Davao Black and Death
Metal bands who are influenced alot from European Heavy,Thrash.Death, and
Black Metal.

4.) Why do you want to create an original sounds w/c came only in our owncountry and not from other country? Whats your comment about that?
i think Death Metal is the best sound in this fuckin world that we are  living. it is a goodway to die listening to this kind of shit. i think nobody is intersted of our local heritage in our country.

5.)Whats your opinion about the wide spread of Rip-Off scene in Davao?
there is no such stupid rip-off scene here in our city. and i guess this question is an old issue already and im sick and tired of hearing it. tell me the names of those rip-off gayheads and im sure there only a few names and you can still count it in your fingers. Davao city has a massive headcount of intelligent Metal Hordes that dont give a damn shit about this rip-off thing. maybe some day you can come here in our city and witness a TRUE Metal gig. join us in our Blodbath……

6.)So you are came from band called Dysentery. What do you think is the reason why some bands always disbanded and never stay for too long?
Dysentery is still alive! and we will be back soon. our drummer and bassist needs more time for their family and work but still decided to continue the band.

7.)How’s the writing process of LAPIDA? and also about the lyrics?
the writing process is long because we want to make sure 100% that the music that we compose is the exact thing we want. so far we have 5 original compostion and still counting. the lyrics is about the reality of Death coz it has no bounderies……

8.)Does the metal scene there is also supported by your violent Mayor or the local gov’t.?
No! and i think he doesnt want to. im sure he is not ready to see a Extreme Metal band playing infront of the city hall with wildbangers in the frontrow.

9.)In a year how many gigs does your place had? How supported the metal freaks there in your band?
there are 20 to 30 gigs every year,it depends actually. Metal Freaks here are very supportive even if you are an old or new band.

10.)Does your band have a future plan? What can we expect from that?
of course. to play more gigs, write more songs, drink more alcohol. smoke a lot then hit the studio for recordings. and of course, have fun in what we are doin.

11.) ok heres the end. Anything to vommit?
thanks for the interview. support your Local Underground Metal Scene

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