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1.) Can you tell us the history of Last Vigil and what’s the ideology of music your band had?
-We Started way back 2005 and we play some Sixfeet Under and Cannibal Corpse(old), until we decide to play some original stuffs like compositions and with the influence of our brother band “StinkyHeadz” that influenced by DAVAO BRUTAL TROOPS like human mastication,almoranas then we have an idea to play some brutal shits.. The Nauseated Viscera and Festering Cadaver is the result of our ideas. were just four in the band that time BORNOK,GOGS, BRY and LOUIE(ex-drummer), until TEDS arrive from manila and we encourage him to join the band.. There are some adjustments because teds is more on thrash death and black metal.. And MIKELYNCH(new drummer) wich he easily adopts the style of the band because he is into brutalstuffs too.. But still we decide to play BRUTAL SLAM DEATH METAL with some element of thrash death metal,heavy refs and adlibs.. Soon we will post the new shits in myspace..

2.) Can you tell us about your demo? And do you guys have a plan to release a debut album soon?
– We are working for the demo now and maybe soon we will release it and we are currently searching labels thats supports the band… Hope if we record all the compositions and seek good label then maybe we will release the debut album.. Financial and the quality of the recording is just the problem here! But we are doing the sickest best to make it possible!

3.) How’s the writing process of last vigil?
– With the idea of bornok,gogs and teds its fucking sick!

4.) Who mostly write the lyrics in last vigil? What’s your inspiration in making lyrics?
– The frontmant bornok mostly wrotes the lyrics of lastvigil fits into gore,pervertion/porn and really brutal shits..
His inspired cos bornok is a pervert hahaha kidding aside its really nice to write the lyrics when you’re really influenced to brutal bands and watching brutal movies gives ideas too! ^^

5.) Any band influences including local bands. Who are your influences?
– We think Dying Fetus is our major influence actually we cover some Dying Fetus shits.. local bands? Stinkyheadz,Humanmastication,Down from the Wound is the shit!!

6.) How did you guys got into a brutal slam death metal genre?
– Thanx to Davao Brutal Troops and Stinkyheadz for inspiring us… But its doesn’t mean we are adopting their style. We just listen and get ideas because originality is really the important!

7.) Does the whole band members have the same tastes in music?
– Actually no… Teds loves black metal, old school and Thrash. Bry loves jazz, blues and for him the best band is Lamb of God. Then Gogs, Bornok and Mike have same taste! But we are not sticking to one genre we love to explore other genres like hardcore,goregrind,progressive,old school,alternative,experimntal,dancehall,jazz, and even hiphop! Like 311, cypress hill and many more!

8.) Are you guys into anti religion or in occult?
– We are not anti relegions we are just ordinary maybe half yes half not… ^^

9.) How’s the metal scene there in your place?
– In our own comment it’s not that good because there some fights with the fellow metal, hope they realize that unity is what we need and we are all metalheads here eventough they can’t accept the new style but it’s still influence into metal. Insecurities suck! But the gig and events are good… We are just blessed because we can play every month.

10.) Any future plan for your band last vigil?
– Our main goal is to release a full length and hope everyone will like it in this undergore world! And hope LAST VIGIL will stay strong and and make you satisfy!

11.) here’s the end of this interview anything you guys want to add?
wanna great CDO brutal maniacs,FETAL MUTILATION,AKTARMA SUICIDE,LOST CREATION,DAVAO brutal troops,PUS VOMIT,JAMIE and Phlegm Thrower,GARFEL of stinkyheadz for the never ending support!! SICKBLAST PROD. And Etroops Coalition! keep it brutal!

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