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1.0 How are you clay?
Hails Adrian! I am great. Just sitting around and doing as much promotion as I can for the band. I am unable to play at the present time because I broke my foot, but hopefully it will be healed in the near future.

2.0 When will be the full lenght album of ‘Lecherous Nocturne’ released? can you pls. give some description about it?
The cd should be released sometime in January if everything goes according to plan. It will contain 6 tracks and it will be limited to 1000 copies in a digipak format. I have been sending out promos to zines that I feel represent the true Metal underground and we have been getting great responses so far. Our material is quite fast and quite technical, not technical as in Cynic or Atheist, but technical in that it is very “busy”. I have a habit of matching drum beats almost note for note with the finger movements of the guitarists. Everyone in the band has their own style of Metal they prefer so there is a little bit of everything in there. Our guitarist, Kreishloff, is a complete speed freak! If it was him doing 100%, every song would be 1000 miles an hour, haha! Our other guitarist, Chris, draws a lot of influence from the sick and twisted and doomy styles of Immolation, Autopsy, etc. and also the “thrash” style. I have heard him spit out some great thrash style riffs at practice a few times. Myself, I like it all but I grew up in the 80’s during the thrash and speed movement and that is actually the style of Metal I prefer. Our bass player is actually a guitarist primarily, but he switched to bass because we could not find a bass player anywhere in our area. His roots are in the thrash/speed movement as well. Our vocalist does a wide range of styles, from lows to ear-piercing highs to mids, etc. We are a very diverse band and hopefully the material will appeal to a wide range of Metal fans. If not, then it doesn’t really matter. We are doing what we love to do and pleasing ourselves will always come first.

3.0 So you guys are came from different bands . why did you guys decided to form a new band?
Well, the way it happened, I was approached by Jason, our vocalist, about getting together and jamming with him, Kreishloff, and this other guy that was the first bass player we had. I was a bit hesitant at first because I was playing in two other bands at the time. This was around January 1998 that they approached me. They came over and started showing me the riffs and I was really excited! I was actually glad that I agreed for them to come over. The writing style that they exhibited reminded me a lot of a band I had been in a few years earlier with Dallas from Nile. The riffs that Kreishloff wrote really challenged me to be extremely creative behind the kit. And let me say one thing, it has only gotten more insane over time! Haha! We searched endlessly for a second guitarist and we must have had who knows how many guys come over and fail miserably. We finally found Chris, who was right under our nose the entire time! That’s usually how it works, I suppose! About the time we got Chris, our bass player had been causing lots of problems for us. It finally came down to his leaving the band. There was just no way around it. So now we had no bass player. We looked around for a while and finally I got in touch with a guy from North Carolina who also had been in a band with Dallas from Nile. He came down and we settled on him, but unfortunately I don’t think his heart was ever in it 100%. Around the time we got him though, my heart wasn’t in it 100%. I was going through some odd times with my personal life and I also had recently gotten a job that required me to work massive amounts of overtime. I was just really burned out from working so much and trying to make do with my personal life that I had to leave the band at this time. This was around the end of 1999. After I was no longer in the band, they relocated to Colorado for a fresh start and that part of the story would be better told by one of the guys that actually went through it. After they moved to Colorado, I kept in touch with them now and then. Things started going sour out there and I was talking to Kreishloff one day and he was like….I am coming back, let’s rip some Metal! So I agreed because I was dying to play again. I missed it terribly and was more than anxious to get in the groove of things again. When they came back, we were still minus a bass player though. I was in touch with Chad, a friend of mine from around 11 years ago. He had been the guitarist/vocalist in a band we were in together and he was itching to play some brutal music again. Well, instead of trying to juggle 2 bands, I asked him if he would be interested in playing bass with us. He agreed and this is how we arrived at the present line-up.

4.0 You spent your time in incantation right, how did they convinced you to become a member of the Lecherous Nocturne and is there no doubt in your mind to leave a band like incantation?by the way what year did you became a member of incantation?
I was playing in Lecherous Nocturne before my time with Incantation. In the late summer of 1998, I received a phone call from John McEntee. Incantation had just finished a tour with Morbid Angel and Kyle, the drummer, was missing in action. John had gotten my number from Dallas of Nile and asked me if I was interested in coming up and trying out. They needed someone quick because they had some stuff in South America lined up. I went up there and tried out and John asked me when I could come back. So I went back the next month to begin rehearsing for the South American dates. My second show with Incantation was in front of 7, 000 screaming Metal maniacs in Santiago, Chile! After we returned, I left and came back home soon after. I never felt like I was a part of the band and of course, I would have no say in the band. No disrespect to John, but I can’t play in a band I have no say in. Plus, I was married at the time and had a young son and realistically, I could not stay in Cleveland. I was not very fond of Cleveland anyway. There was a fairly good Metal scene there, but I just did not like the city. I don’t mean to sound too negative about my time with Incantation because I am very grateful for the amazing experience. That band was always one I admired and I regard Onward to Golgotha as a true classic! I will always feel honored to have taken part in such a cult band!

5.0 How’s the feel of the whole band about the live shows with Nile, immolation, incantation, krisiun, and angelcorpse? what are the reactions of those bands about the Lecherous Nocturne music and also the crowd scene?
Until recently when we achieved the present line-up, we always had to play out with either just one guitarist or two guitarists and no bass player. Although I felt we were doing pretty good, I never felt like we were at our best. Now I feel we are using our full potential. I couldn’t ask for a better line-up in which to execute our Metal assault! We have pretty good responses from the Metal fans around here, but of course, it is quite bare in South Carolina. There are so many bands here that call themselves Metal when in fact, they are far from it! But the true Metal fans, they seem to give us a nod of approval. It just really disgusts me though when I go to Metal shows and there are kids with their baggy pants and Korn-ish hair styles. Fuck them! They should all die a horrible death!

6.0 Do you think you’ll be as successful with ‘Lecherous Nocturne’ as you were spenting your time in incantation?
Of course I would love to have Lecherous Nocturne reach the kind of status Incantation has, but I think that would be very hard to do . Incantation has such a cult status! They emerged in a time when quality death metal bands, even just death metal bands, were few and far between. Few bands are able to achieve this. To me, there haven’t been many bands that can claim that kind of status in the scene today. The cult status bands emerged in earlier times. There are just way too many bands in this day and age. Hopefully, Lecherous Nocturne will emerge as a band that will make a lasting impression on the world of true Metal!

7.0 For your own opinion and beliefs is there such things as good religion?
I am not fond of organized religion. I will say that I don’t care what religion someone is as long as they don’t push it upon me. I have my own opinions about why people choose to believe in non-existant beings, but that is another story in and of itself! I guess the only good religion is no religion!

8.0 Who are your major influences in drums?
My two favorite drummers are Dave Lombardo and Pete Sandoval. Dave was such a pioneer and listening to Slayer was the whole reason I added a second kick drum to my kit when I was younger, haha! I also love Dave’s fills. He had amazing fills on all his albums with Slayer! I admire Pete Sandoval because he has the ability to play fast and aggressive music, but keep his drum beats quite catchy. I think his most catchy playing was on the Terrorizer album. That’s what I strive to do. I want it very aggressive but catchy. I would say these two drummers are my biggest influences. I also respect and admire the work of Craig Smilowski(ex-Immolation), Alex Hernandez, Clive Burr, Nicko McBrain, Steve Asheim, Steve Flynn(ex-Atheist), Dennis the Menace(Macabre rules!), and Dave Culross, who I think is the most consistent drummer in Metal!

9.0 Are you still involved in some side projects bands?
At the moment I am not. I would like to do some stuff one day if time allows. I would like to record some raw and hateful black metal or maybe something a little more dark and doomy feeling, but Lecherous Nocturne is and will be my main priority and I hope to keep spewing forth our brand of Metal for as long as possible.

10.0 How can it be sure that ‘Lecherous Nocturne’ will strongly stay together and never split up again?
Lecherous Nocturne never really split up. The band just had to iron out its member issues and get focused and on track. We all have one common objective and that is to play Metal in an extreme fashion!! Look for the full-length in January 2003 and for anyone who would be interested in hearing us, either email me at nocturnal_lecher@yahoo.com and request a promo or go to MP3.com and search for us on there. The same 2 songs that were on the promo are on the mp3.com site. I would like to send 666 hails to Cult Mongers for doing this interview and supporting the true Metal underground!! Thanks!

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