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1.0 Unholy hails !!! how’s everybody in the unholy union of Lethal Prayer ?
“Keeping ourselves busy with our jobs and the perpetual quest for a new drummer. We continue to write and rehearse despite this circumstance.”

2.0 Can you pls. tell something about Lethal Prayer?
“Lethal Prayer is a way of life for myself and becomes that as well for all who are involved in it with me. Pure sacrilegious death/black metal. It started as a song I wrote in 1985 and within 2 years became the main focus and direction of a band with extreme ideas and hatred towards humanity.”

3.0 How blasphemous you are? Aside from being a band member?

4.0 What are the feedbacks about the 1st demo w/o the vocalist? As an instrumental band only?(correct me if i’m wrong)
“I’m not exactly sure if you are referring to the departure of Leviathan(Miklos) and his replacement or to the works we did before him ? We released nothing as a instrumental band officially, only played shows. The attitude towards Beelzebub(Dorsey)were mixed but now he is no longer a part of the band and Butcher(Scarlatelli-bassist) and I are doing all the vocals. The next release(s) should prove to have a greater dimension to the vocal structure now with the splitting of vocal patterns between us, basically per song. Although there are still songs that are exclusively performed by each of us.”

5.0 About to your solo projects. can you pls. tell something about that? Is Decaying Filth Music included there?
“Decaying Filth Music is my personal label/distro started back in 1996. The side band I have that is most active is GOATROT. It is old style black/death metal, no blast beats or guitar solos. We released 1 CDr demo(Frenetic goat worship) so far and plan on recording the next one in early 2004 with a new drummer. I also have PARAMNESIA which is solely by myself doing instrumental guitar tracks set to drum machine and samples. There is 1 release of that(Obliquitus paramnesia paradox). Then there was my involvement with WARKULT (originally Dethroned from WV). We released 1 CD(Persaverance of aggression) on Dark Horizon Records. I also recorded 2 rehearsals of MONGOLOID CHICKEN which was Asaradel from Godless(PR) and my self,(Barnyard farm blast / In chicken we speak). Back in the 80’s I was in BACKLASH(pa) and recorded the only demos(Backlash / Unleashed). I have done some recording session work too with HARVIST and SLAUGHTER HILL. I keep as active as I can.”

6.0 So you also worked w/ other several bands in almost 2 decades. From what band did you worked with?
“As stated in the above mentioned bands as well as SILENT IMAGES back in the early-mid 80’s. I was also in ACHERON back in 89/90 and recorded on the Future Release demo. I was also involved with INCANTATION as session guitarist/vocalist on the 2002 Upheaval of blasphemy tour in USA for 35 shows. There are some more things in the planning stages as well for the future with other bands and individuals.”

7.0 In the back cover of the C.D. who’s picture is it? and why is it appeared there?
“You are referring to the MCD Theosophical Decadence. That is a old photo of Charlie(you know who)looking down upon the chaos with delight.

8.0 Why is it that you have a pure hate in Xianity. Whether you came from thatreligion too. What’s your ideology in turning away your ass from Xianity?
Xianity is a repugnant self defeating religion that has become a mass plague that has infiltrated the hearts and minds of humans and needs to be eradicated as a pestilent cancer. It has thrown the world into such a state of degradation that there is no hope but total global annihilation. Only the weak in mind will follow. Lex Talionis !!”

9.0 Are you a member of some sacriligious sect or some anti-christian movement? Do you attend some rituals. If so can you pls. give some description about it ?
“I feel having to belong to anything for the sake of belonging to it or to feel comradeship is self defeating. One should stand and exist on ones own beliefs and merits. I respect highly the ideology of the late Dr. LaVey although I would not say that I am 100% in agreence with all his principles. The Temple of the vampire is another train of thought and philosophy I strongly feel akin too. I also believe ritual is a personal endeavour and greater results can be obtained in solitude. I interject these thoughts in most of my music and the mere performing of these songs is a personal form of ritual for me also. I know my own mind and am my own god.”

10.0 What’s you lyrical contents all about? and Why?
“There are varying topics but mainly within the thoughts of perdition, death, blasphemy, debauchery, nihilism. There are a few gore related songs but generally we steer away from that lyrical concept as we are not a gore band. There are more ideas and thoughts being evoked all the time and not limited to only these categories. This format of music does not need to be of the greatest poetic genius as it is more derived from the feeling of the music. The lyrics will evolve as they should but will not take on some radical political stance or anything of that nature. It’s all about hatred and apocalyptic genocide.”

11.0 Ok here is it. my demonik frend. End of interview is here. thanks for your cooperation in our FanZine. You can spit out all you want now?
“Thanks for the interview and our hellish blessings to you and your ‘zine. Keep supporting the underground and sacrilegious death metal. Kill all who oppose and praise thy self! Hail satan! (O Hell Yeah!!! – stonecold) http://www.geocities.com/lethalprayer/

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