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This is only a Partial Interview. You can see the full interview in our print copy don’t be shy to order with us.


1.) can you pls. give me the brief history of midgard?

Midgard was formed in august 2001. A few months later, a two-song-demo CD was recorded. Getting pretty much attention in the Austrian Underground,Midgard played some gigs throughout the country and soon did a club-tour in Germany, Belgium and Italy, to spread their Melodic Deathmetal over Europe. In summer 2002 a new recording was done, to get their new material on CD. “Welcome to Chaosland” includes six songs, showing the quick progress of the band and will be released in september.

2.) Why is it that in your cover artwork it feature there a war?
Well, our central idea is to…sort of “conquer” the world with our music, you know! Because of that, our moto is like, “claiming for world domination”! So, to get attention, and to support those thoughts, we decided to take that pic.

3.)based on your cover artwork i think that your interested in a war?

why No, we are definitly NOT interested in a war!

4.)why is it that your interested in that situation? are you former army?
No one of us has been in the army! We all did our civil service, so…

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