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This is only a Partial Interview. You can see the full interview in our print copy don’t be shy to order with us.

Cult Mongers: How are you Darren and the rest of the band?
Darren : Not too bad Gerald

C.M: Ok, according to your Bio the band started at year 1992 but your debut released at 1996 what is the cause of delay? did the members are still intact since the formation of Mourning Beloveth up to now?
D: It took us four years cause we are lazy bastards haha. No the real reason is that in the early days we had only guitar, drums and vocals and no real fucking songs. Brian then joined and we composed the first demo, recorded by Adrian. Adrian then joined on bass and brian moved to guitar and this has been the same line-up since 1997

C.M: The band is from Ireland, What can you say about the underground scene there? are all the members live there?
D: The underground scene in Ireland is very small. The biggest attendance at underground gigs would be about 250 people. Balance this with when a foreign band comes over and you can get up to 800 people, where do they come from? The Irish underground scene has its own dedicated followers and bands such as Primordial, Waylander, Old Season and many others forging their own path. It also has its own dedicated forum called where you can go to find out what most Irish bands are up to at any one time. Ireland also has now its own pro printed and written metal magazine called Metalworks and this is also put out to help the Irish underground both at home and abroad and it seems the underground maybe growing with each gig I attend but as always only the dedicated and few will remain. Yes we all live in Ireland (fortunately/unfortunately)

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