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1.)Hails!How’s Everybody in Negatron camp?

Before anything,I’d like to express my sincere gratitude to you Adrian and Fritz for this interview. Thanks also for giving me a copy of your fanzine during June 19th gig in Marikina City. Its great to finally meet you guys. Infernal greetings to all your readersand all our metal brothers and sisters in arms…

Well, we have a demo out called “Messiah of Damnation” 4 songs plus 2 live bonus tracks. We released the cd version ourselves and ALvaro of Metal Havoc zin/productions[and also of Paganfire] issued the cassette version with a different bonus tracks up to about 80 hand-numbered copies. Lately,we have been busy writing new songs and rehearsing of course,getting piss drunk! Were preparing for a few gigs coming up next month. Other that theres not much new with our personal lives. Just same old boring crap!

2.)Why changing the name from effluvium to Negatron?

I always expect to get this question a lot.(hahaha!) And sure enough I always do! The reason is very quite very simple. Our music has been evolving. If you listen to Effluviums first rehearsal demo and Negatron is totally diferent concept,Musically and lyrically,but it is still metal to the bone. So,the change is
more or less inevitable,just like this question (hahaha!) But a lot of bands did thatback then. If you take a look back into history,Hellhammer became Celtic Frost,Tormentor became Kreator,Civil Defense became Napalm Death,Xecutioner became Obituary and Iron Maiden had a lot of different names before they ever recorded their first demo in ’79. But hey! we are Negatron so we can do anything we want

3.)how can you describe Negatron in Stage?

I dont know. Its kind of hard for us to describe ourselves up on stage. The people who see us at gigs can probably give a better opinion. We just plug in our gear,turn up the volume and just thrash around! We dont really cares if we made a few mistakes or our gear is screwing up. We all had some embarrasing moments, but the point is just to have fucking fun and enjoy yourself. We like to get crazy up there. Its pretty much like therapy for us. It makes me forget all my problems and all that shit. Besides,its a good stress releaser.

4.)When and how’s the first gig of Negatron

I think our first gig as a Negatron happened in December 2003 at Killah John’s Marikina City. It went okay,but my guitar sound sucked,and i couldn’t hear my vocals most of the time. I remember,it was a week before we recorded “Messiah of Damnation”.

5.)What can you say about the U.G.metal scene here in manila?

Well,for starters,the scene in Manila is much more musically diverse,because it is the main cultural and artistic center of our country. Sure there’s always trends in the scene but if you’re an underground freak,you can have more choices there. Here in Laguna,everyone seems to be jumping into this emo/poppunk bandwagon. There’s probably a zillion bands here,butvery few actually stands out and doing something different.

6.)How can you described Negatron Music?

Its basically still thrash metal with a bit heavy metal influence,but wetry to puta slight twist into the existing formula so it wouldn’t sound redundant. Our main goal is not to recreate past,but to take the past and to remodel or re-define it for present and future.

7.)What are the influences of Negatron?

We all love vintage metal such as Judas Priest,Black Sabbath,Iron Maiden and the rest of the N.W.H.O.B.H.M. bands,But our main inspiration for creatingmusic for Negatron are bands like VOIVOD,SODOM,ONSLAUGHT,oldSLAYER,olD KREATOR,CELTIC FROST,CANDLE MASS,EXECUTIONER,old METALLICA,VENOM,POSSESSED,ETC. We also listen to some
progressive rock bands such as HAWKMIND,E.L.P.,RUSH,PINK FLOYD,etc. I like bands that try to do something different or weird. I love a lot of local metal bands,too. My favorite local bands now are PAGANFIRE and SARCOSANCT. Anyway, a lot of bands nowadays sounds the same,especially on the brutal death scene. Everyone seems
be so extreme and fast,but they don’t write catchy songs anymore. Maybe,that’s why I kept returning to the old bands. If I want to listen to brutal music,I’d listen to old CARCASS,old PUNGENT STENCH,SARCOFAGO,DEATH,TERRORIZER,DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA,COMECON and all those late 80’s/early 90’s death metal. Very few bands nowadays
are worth listening to.

8.)Does your band encountered some Problems that leads the band to disband?

Well,we used to have personal trouble before. Especially during the years of 2000 to 2002. We had lots of problems. A lot of challenges. I almost nearly gave up the band at some point. I got depressed and restless,but my deep love for this music has kept me going all these years. Our line-up has become stable since our drummer Vic,became our member in late 2002.

9.)Do you guys have a jobs. if so how can you managed time for your band?

No,none of us have steady jobs. Donamer used to but he got fired over a year ago. Vic is still going to school and trying to finish college. Back in the beginning, we were bunch of bored,mid-teen kids just trying make a lot of noise just to vent out our frustration. None of us are rich. We grew up in poor,working-classes families disillutioned about the world,we are basically outcasts,disenfranchised youths. Here in our city,the crime rate is high,a lot of people are jobless and couldn’t find decent work,a lot of kids ar on drugs and it’s just a miserable,desperate situation we deal with everyday. So in order to escape from all this mess,we turn into music I’ll never know where I’d end up today if it wasn’t for Metal… It’s probably the first positive thing that had ever happened to me.

10.)What’s Thermal shock all about. Can you give some info. about that?

Good Questions! “Thermal shock” is about an apocalyptic global warming. Messiah” of Damnation” is about recent war in Iraq and the overall turmoil happening today in Middle East. “Exerion” is about,well it’s an old 80’s video game I used to play as a little kid. It’s my favorite.I just made this three-part science-fiction about it. I really love that game’s concept… Well,in writing the lyrics,I take inspiration from books,War,films,weird paranormal things I see on the TV news,nihilism,misanthrope torture,death etc. I try my best to have a wider lyrical scope and more sense of adventure and “epic-ness”. About writing songs,things just develop from riffs. I’d come up with a cool riff that might connect it together. We would change things around during practice until we come up with something resembling a song. There’s really no master plan at work. I always get the best ideas when I least expect it. I just don’t know why! hahaha!

11.)Ok here’s the end now for this interview wala na maisip mga pare. Anything to add?

Thanks again Adrian and Fritz for the true U/G support! We really appreciate it! Thanks to all the people we meet and support us at gigs! You guys rule! NEGATRON’s “Messiah of Damnation” is available directly at us for Php 50.00 postage-paid. Also,my side project “Pathogen” also has a new 4-song demo out called “Into The Subconscious Void”
which is old-school death metal. Also for Php 50.00 (putang ina,murang mura na yan! Suportahan nyo naman ang eksena natin!) Trades are also welcome,but write first. Also who would like to suck or cocks can get in touch!

Willie Desamero,#4M. Fule Sahagun St.,San Pablo City,Laguna 4000 Philippines
Mobile Phone: 09194058357

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