NORTHLAND’S Downfall and Rebirth

September 25, 2015 by  

northlandis a Folk Death metal band from Barcelona formed in the year 2007. Downfall and Rebirth is their newest full length album which was released this year 2015. This album has a 11 tracks and their lyrical theme is all about Paganism, and Battles. From death metal styled grunting, black metal screams, and folk metal chanting uses here in vocal style. Cinematic sounds, and melodic guitar riffings,keyboards and violin as well which makes the entire albums very tasteful and enjoyable to listen to, if you like melodic style. Their music makes you feels like you are into the vikings era where this kind of music was invented and play, especially when you listen to Moonlight Spell (the song with female vocals) track, you will know what i’m meaning for.

This guys really work hard in this album to make this album a masterpiece in folk metal scene. The production is very crystal clear and was released under Black Bards Entertainment in germany.

So if you’re into melodic folk metal music, I recommend to check this out Downfall and Rebirth album.


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